Aromatherapy | Aromathérapie

For those that know me – I’m a freak for patchouli oil. Indian patchouli oil. And no, I am not a hippy…well, perhaps a little.

Not only is the smell completely enticing to me, but it has heaps of healing properties:

  • Every time I get a headache – I load up on patchouli, especially inside the ear canal opening.
  • My mother had fungus* on her toe – a drop twice daily cured within weeks.
  • Outside areas dense with bugs – dab patchouli all over. (Please note: this does not work in the Amazon jungle.)
  • When I’m stressed out – a dab on the inside of my wrist helps me relax.
  • Dry scalp, itchy skin, eczema, acne, sores, ulcers – can all be helped by this oil because of its cell regeneration properties.

* This is also true for Athlete’s Foot.



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