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I was introduced to raw coconut oil from Karyn’s Raw by my boyfriend last year. Since then all of my body creams, lotions and butters have been fired.

My daily ritual right before I turn the shower off is slathering chunks/globs* starting from my neck and down to my toes. Without washing the oil off I pat dry with a towel and go about my day (right after my facial skin care ritual, of course).

The best part is that it’s tasty and not only can you use it externally, but cooking with it is another way to stay radiant. Coconut oil is beneficial for metabolism, immunity, high blood pressure, kidney problems, cholesterol…you get the point. Why? Because it fights bacteria and is a soothing antioxidant.

* Coconut oil melts in 76°F becoming a liquid, while below melting temperature it becomes a white solid consistency.

Bon appetite!


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