Pour Elana…

For most girls who wear makeup MAC is probably all they know.

Yes, the eyeshadows are lovely, the lipglass is yummy and the blushcreme stays on all day. But why bind yourself to one brand?

First off you’ll have to invest in a good primer:

Laura Geller Spackle Lip & Eye Primer. Doesn't move or crease. Your makeup is going nowhere once this is on.

And here are some of my personal favourites:

MAKE UP FOR EVER matte shadows are my new friends, although the diamond line is also divine.

Dior Sunset Café is just easy and stunning. If in a hurry - the opalescent pink shade works well by itself on nearly any skin tone.

Smashbox Palette in Strobe is also a quick fix to any night out. It'll make your eyes sparkle even if you don't want them to.

Kat Von D True Romance palette is just fabulous. The colours are true and the combinations endless.

Medusa’s Circle (which used to be an awesome punk boutique in Chicago) has eye dust shades that will blow your mind and not your wallet. I’ve been a loyal fan of their line since they had about five available. They closed down the clothing shop almost two years ago to strictly dedicate themselves to makeup…and they’re great at it!


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