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For Men | Pour les hommes…

So today I shot a potential male model with Shelli Wright. Poor guy had super dry skin and incredibly long spikey nose hair. His naturally good looks were overpowered by these details and I’m not the only one who notices, believe you me.

Boys, I dedicate this one to you.

Please please please stay groomed…it doesn’t take much.

Check out your nose and ear holes up close at least once a week in natural light. There are excellent trimmers out there – use them. Then glance over once more and use small curved scissors* to trim what ever you missed.

* You can find these in most drug stores' beauty section.

Next-up are eyebrows. Please please please stop grooming them to look better than your female counterparts! It’s definitely better to have two brows as opposed to one – this is where tweezers come in handy JUST to pluck the strays at the top of your nose.

If they are so unruly and long that your vision is compromised – grab those mini curved scissors*, a mascara wand (below) and use it to comb the hair upwards cutting the long ones with the ends of the scissors pointing to the ceiling.

You can find these in most beauty stores, but if there is a shortage ask any woman you know to donate her old mascara to you. Wash off the excess gunk and use it as recommended.


Do not be afraid of skin care products. They are your friends. They are not just for girls. There are tons of them out on the market right now specifically geared towards your hairy faces. A nice face wash is a must: use in the morning or at night, definitely after the gym. Moisturizer is key: use all over the face as soon as you towel off your face, this locks in moisture and keeps your skin looking young and touchable.

AHAVA Mineral Collection for Men. This is one of my favourite skin care lines. The Dead Sea powers these products and in turn has barely any smell - just freshness. Try it!

I think the term “metro-sexual” warded many of you off, I know it did me. Taking care of yourself takes patience, <5 extra minutes of your daily routine, and pride for when you leave the house radiant sending swarms of admirers swooning.

It’ll be our little secret.


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