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Fake Bake | Cuire faux

Myth: Tanning cures acne.

By now you’ve all heard that tanning is bad for you. Incessantly. But your MD-negative friends are egging you on because it’s worked wonders for them! And you refuse to listen to your mother.

This is no joke.

Sure, UV rays may decrease bacteria growth in theory, but the long term effects are far more hazardous:

  • drying out your skin triggers the oil glands to produce DOUBLE the amount of oil causing pore blockage and further outbreak
  • pigmentary scarring – dark spots
  • premature skin aging – this comes with a glamorous cocktail of crosshatching and wrinkles
  • the chic look of a boiled lobster
  • the blessing of skin cancer

Shall I go on?

Now, let’s examine safer ways of clearing up your skin that, in the end, will cost you far less than those silly VIP passes to the fake bake clinic:

  1. mix equal parts of rose water and lemon juice
  2. apply directly to the affected area and hold for 15-30min.
  3. wash with cold water

(Please note: it is okay to feel a slight sting – this is the acid from the lemon juice working. Also, avoid sun exposure immediately after this procedure.)

  1. crush a handful of mint leaves (optional: tumeric powder)
  2. apply leaves and juice of mint to the inflammation for 10min.
  3. wash with cold water

These ingredients also work great on their own if blended well, like a mask:

  • cucumbers
  • tomatos
  • potatoes
  • orange peel
  • garlic

Foods for thought:

  • wheat grass juice
  • fresh fruit & veggies
  • sashimi
  • avoid fried foods, junk foods, salty foods
  • green tea

Throughout my near decade in the beauty industry I have come in contact with a lot of faces. And though there is a parade of products seeping through your oculars and sledgehammering your neurons on a daily basis – please be careful as to not get sucked into advertising ploys (ex. Proactiv and Clean & Clear).

If your acne is uncontrollable – see a dermatologist: but be aware and ask a lot of questions, include a full disclosure of your diet and research the prescribed medicine thoroughly.

Skin care is a game of trial and error, everyone is different. Find what works for you best and stick to it. After-all you do have an advantage of having oily skin and that is preservation!


2 thoughts on “Fake Bake | Cuire faux

  1. elina says:

    everything is different and diet is so important. i tried cutting out gluten for a full month and my skin cleared up. i have slowly been re-introducing it and so far so good! 🙂

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