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Brushes | Brosses

Brushes need love too.

The condition of your skin depends on your brushes’ hygiene. If you’ve neglected giving your hairy friends a wash…you’re probably wondering where the lavish assortment of bumps on your face is coming from. The longer you slack on cleaning – the more dust and bacteria accumulate on the bristles that you smear right into your skin. Yum.

Problematic skin would benefit from washing your brushes daily while healthy skin can get away with a weekly rinse.

Since I use my brushes on different faces on a fairly regular basis, between each face I use a spray cleaner (either of the ones listed below) and when at home I use baby shampoo as it is gentle enough on bristles and sensitive skin. But for personal use – the choice is yours.

It only takes a few moments to ensure your skin’s health and your brushes’ longevity. After washing, please either dry your brushes upright or lay them so the bristles hang outside of the sink/counter – you don’t want them marinating in the water they were bathed in. Otherwise you are compromising cleanliness and are damaging the brushes.

Lastly, when the fibers become frizzy and uneven – time for a burial and shopping expedition!

Et voila!


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