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When I was about fourteen years young – I adored (and still do) Drew Barrymore. The film Mad Love was in theaters. I may have gone to see it more than a couple of times.

Most of my fellow eight graders didn’t understand why I wore flower printed summer dresses with MIA combat boots. Why I chopped off all my hair and grew it out to a messy bob (infused with 3 family size bottles of Sun-In). Mum was horrified when I walked out of my bedroom, tweezers in hand, sporting stick-straight razor-thin brows.

With my luck they didn’t grow back much and to this day I am forced to fill them in when I put on a full face.

Ladies, eyebrows are important! They are the frame to your windows to the soul. The thinner the brows – the harder you must work on your eye makeup. Full brows will never go out of style.


  • If you are an owner of a non-steady hand, do me and yourself a favour and throw your tweezers out the window.
  • My chocolate sistas: please stop attacking your eye hairs with a razor because, sadly, the ongoing process irritates your gorgeous skin and leaves you looking like you’ve been slapped by an alligator.
  • Get you shiz threaded by talented Indian ladies who don’t live at the mall kiosk.
  • Do not let your favourite barber touch your face.
  • If you get your mug fibers waxed and walk out with second degree burns: a) do not pay     b) don’t come back
  • The wider the space between brows creates an illusion of a wider face…I call this Antz factor.
  • Please don’t shave your eyebrows and draw/tattoo them on. That look is SOO twenty years ago.
  • The only person who should ever be allowed to do Chola makeup is Gloria. ❤


  • Brows should begin above the tear duct and over.
  • Brows should end at about a 45 degree angle from the outer eye corner.
  • The shape of your brow should mirror the top line of your eyeballs. This line should also be fluid, I.e. a full arch rather than square+line. (Don’t judge my white Photoshopped arch.)
  • Most important is to get rid of the dark hair under the brow shape you desire as having a thick, full line above is perfectly normal and natural.


  • If grooming yourself – draw an arch with a white/black pencil and tweeze the hairs underneath the line backing away from the mirror to make sure both sides are the same size and shape.
  • With clear mascara or a clean flat toothbrush, comb your eyebrows upward and cut the strays outside of the line with small curved scissors.
  • When filling in brows stick to an angled brush and a matte eye/brow shadow – this ensures a much more organic look rather than the harsh lines of a pencil. Comb through afterwards to disperse the colour.
  • Hairspray on a clean mascara wand and swiftly comb unruly hairs into place.

Oh yeah, and pray for me to grow my sourcils back some day…I hear slathering on Vaseline before bed is a good idea. Will keep you posted.


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