Strip | Bande

One of my friends, who lives in Siberia Chicago, decided to dye her sorrows away with a soft black colour all over her head. Mind you she has eerily beautiful giant sapphire eyeballs and naturally light hair and skin.


So, of course, I got a barrage of text messages asking for help. Saying the ladies at Sally’s told her to use TIDE! Making my blood boil and paws reach for my cape.

Ladies: please don’t use fabric soap or any other product that is not intended for hair on your dome! You are not a sweater! (Thanks, Nathan.)

And don’t you dare reach for the peroxide.

Here are three products that I have used in the past when experimenting as a teen that I swear by:

One 'N Only Colorfix

RUSK Elimin8

Loreal Haircolor Remover

Google any of these and either drive to the store that offers to sell you one of these bad boys, or order online with expedited shipping.

A non-abrasive way to wash away colour is by soaking your hair daily in a dandruff shampoo. Trust.

Warning: there may be times that you find your ends not cooperating and turning darker colours than the rest of your mane – it’s time of a trim!


  • go to a professional
  • rock a turban


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