In loving memory | À la douce mémoire

Yesterday our world was stripped of an immense beauty by the name of Laurence Renard…I knew her as simply Lula.

I met Lula by chance, as it goes, over five years ago while touring around the country with a talent scout. I was one of the makeup artists and she was one of the stylists.

She was the epitemy of a statue. Ever-clad in her uniform of jeans that looked painted-on her perfect legs, flowy cotton-blend tees that draped her exquisitely from any angle, sandal flats that exposed her immaculately manicured toes, and, more likely than not, scarves draping her like superhero capes. She barely ever wore anything more than mascara and chap stick as her skin was flawlessly sun-kissed.

Lula hailed from France and spoke English immaculately, though with an accent everyone was jealous of.

Her styling skills were impecable and everyone she dressed expressed how effortlessly she pulled together looks. Needless to say people walked away beaming with confidence.

Throughout the two years we were on the road – not a one time had I seen her in a bad mood, no matter the circumstance. Her facile personality enveloped me in warmth and laughter. Many times we shared personal stories over glasses of Cabernet that stained our teeth purple and inspired hilarity.

Lula always spoke fondly of her husband and family…they were very tightly knit. We should all inspire to be like this, people.

She adored life. Life adored her. Perhaps none of us deserved any more time in her envelope of love than we were blessed with.

I am selfishly heartbroken. I will carry with me a Lula torch always…to inspire me, to give me ardor. I shall look forward to her glimmering smile in every glisten of a wine glass. I will miss her voice and her motherly embrace. I am going to love life harder because I know she would appreciate it.

Dear Lula, where ever you are – may you never cease to smile. May the rest of your path be illuminated by love.



10 thoughts on “In loving memory | À la douce mémoire

  1. sara guts says:

    i met lula in 1998. she will always stand out in my memories as one of the most beautiful human beings i have been lucky enough to meet. i am so sorry she is gone. my heart goes out to her family and all the people whose lives she has touched.

  2. Kerri Accardi says:

    Your words are beautiful and so true. She is someone I will never ever forget… lots of love and light to you always Lula.

    Do you mind if I repost this?

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