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Yesterday I went to Malibu for a shoot, photo-shot by Shelli and video-shot by Josh.

Not only were we working with a gorgeous model called Rachel Zimmerman (who is currently the face of Paul Mitchel and PAC SUN), but we were shooting her in Malibu on a magnificent day with a cherry on top – I didn’t have to do her hair! Smiles and laughter all around…

…until we get there.

Only to find out that 20 minutes prior to the beginning of our shoot  – the hairdresser decided to bail. Oh yeah, and she was supposed to be our model’s ride. Professionalism, ma belles. Cue blood boil. Cue yawn. Cue brainworms in action.

Nearly three hours later our model showed up. Makeup: completed. Mission: hair. Luckily our host Cece, of Rock & Revolution, and her fantastic assistants (Brogyn, Avalon and Melissa) were able to scrounge up three basic supplies: hair brush, hairspray and a 1″ flat iron. Out of these items I was supposed to transform fairly limp hair into a beachy-lioness mane…in about 10 minutes. Cue flat iron body curls. Cue furious teasing. Cue o-zone layer destruction.

To get that beachy/whispy separation I concocted a serum from lemon juice + salt + a few drops of water to mist into the finished look. Which turned out awesome. Except for the way our model’s hair looked dry and lifeless. Cue eyes darting all over makeup kit. Cue Terminator-esque cranial beeping lock-down on target. 8hour-fucking-cream from Elizabeth Arden!

If you are not already a fan – become one. Not only does it smooth out any skin or lip chapping. Not only does it add a natural shimmer atop the apples of cheeks. It also makes hair ends look absolutely redonkulously shiny and healthy! I barely used any and the end result looked amazeballs!

See for yourself…





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