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It’s been a crazy busy couple of weeks for me with work flowing in unexpectedly and from some lovely places. I’m super thankful and exhausted. My blessings are abundant. (Touches wood.)

Yesterday I had the colossal pleasure of working with one of my favourite photographers in LA, called Hama Sanders, on a gig for Colorist with a hair team from Schwarzkopf.

Bob Siebert did a beautiful job with the colours while Nicole Hartmann cut and sculpted the models’ tresses into refinement. One of the girls transformed in front of our eyes from a rural Kentucky bumpkin into a sex kitten aimed for a yacht in St. Tropez. Meow.

I used different shades of bronze/golds on the models’ eyes and corals on their cheeks along with baked bronzers that illuminated their bones. Shimmered their bodies with LORAC’s TANtilizer that, if you’ve been following this blog, you’d know I adore. PS if you’re blonde and blue-eyed then you need to try Sisley eyeliner in Khaki. J’adore.

Lips were the only change in makeup with each outfit, ranging from bright coral orange to raspberry. Some shades I had to custom mix, a favourite of mine, with eye shadows of the yellow and orange persuasion.

At the end of the shoot Amy Garrett, Schwarzkopf Professional senior brand manager, bestowed me with some serious hair shwag. Amongst sprays and waxes and serums there was one product in particular that I can safely say I, and Josh (surprised face), am addicted to: Schwarzkopf OSiS Dust It Mattifying Powder!

This stuff is made from hair fairies that were cremated. Whose white ashes were bottled up to make our hair look like a million gazillion bucks and feel like a light fiber wax, though by the looks of it – no one would ever know. I swears. Hair looks matte, textured and, when use atop of your coiffed style, bed-heady amazingballsness.

Try it. You’ll thank me! (Boys and girls.)

You can also check out this video demonstration.


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