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This is a personal message to anyone who wants to make their life easier.

If ever you have had moments of fist-to-sky pumping due to foundation skid marks. If you’ve burned images of yourself looking like an inverted raccoon. If your spot treatments have ever shown up resembling chalk scribbles…this is your new BFF.

For years I didn’t want to believe the hype until this sponge seraph arrived on my doorstep early last week. It is really, truly, worth every penny. (Ranging from $10-26.) So much so, I ran to Naimie’s to buy more!

Now, for personal use you only need one because they are reusable! When properly cared for they last about six months and you can purchase a set of sponge + cleanser (that smells super fresh and calming – lavenderish).

How easy, you ask? Check it out…all you do is wet the sponge, then bounce/stipple it to blend your foundation/concealer/powder using the pointy end of it for hard to reach places like around the eyes and nose. Wash. Easy!

The end result is absolutely flawless and outlasts what ever you’ve been used to until the moment you met BB.

Try it – you’ll never go back to your old ways.


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