Roots | Racines

If you’ve ever shouted in tongues at the sight of your natural colour or grays bleeding onto your immaculately tinted tresses – welcome to my bathroom.

Every few weeks comes a day when I shriek loud enough to penetrate the poor ears of my boyfriend…and the cat. Cue glass drop. Cue furry clawed feet scurrying across hardwood floors. Cue profanity. Cue “you’re crazy – I can’t see anything different on top of your head” on Josh repeat. Cue tears.

This may happen in the morning and I may be running out to a shoot with a hat or scarf camouflaging the horror nesting on my dome in shame.

Until now.

I found a product by accident, doing research on the nets of the inter, that sprays and covers those creepy strands until shampooed out. It only comes in four colours, but the versatility of coverage is pretty wicked. Dries fast. Costs under $25…consider it an investment. AND it takes seconds to apply. How and why would you ever say no to a quick fix?

Developed by celebrity colourist Rita Hazan, you can find this bottle-o-magie at Sephora.


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