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Milani Powder | Milani Poudre

Next up is Milani Multitasker Face Powder, naturally…we have to set our concealer and foundation somehow, right?

This compact runs a cool $6.99 and lasts for-e-vur. Through my years of using Milani – their powders are extremely durable, meaning they won’t break and crumble on you which ever way the wind blows. They do an excellent job with coverage and wearability.

I used #1: Light around my eyes, nose and chin and #2: Light Medium everywhere else.


  • texture is so velvety it glides [that’s what she said]
  • blends very well with any skin texture
  • feels very light but is closer to medium in coverage


  • creates a lot of dust residue on the packaging = wasteful


  • though it comes with its own puff – feel free to use a powder brush for a more translucent finish
  • if your skin texture needs a little help, try a colour a few shades darker to apply as a matte bronzer [shimmers tend to accentuate bumps]

Find it here.


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