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Milani Brows | Sourcils Milani

Let’s start our week off with a kick ass product that will shape the most important feature of your face in three simple steps – Milani Brow Fix Eye Brow Powder Kit.

For $6.49 you get two brow colours (in one), a highlighter for the brow bone, tweezers, angled brush, sponge applicator and a mirror. You’re a fool not to have this stashed in your purse! Lord knows I’ve had a melodramatic moment or seventeen, in which this set would have been a life saver.

I use the Light combo as the darker shade on the platter is a bit too dark for me for day, but when mixed with its sunnier sidekick, the colour is perfection.


  • love the fact that it’s a powder kit rather than pencils – natural texture
  • the highlighter is just right for each skin tone depending on which combination suits your needs
  • lasts forever
  • fits into the tiniest purse


  • not the hugest fan of the teeny tools it comes with, although when in a rush – I’ve made them work
  • I’ve noticed [from using this kit for years] that once the mini me tools have been dislodged from their factory settings – they are incredibly easy to lose


  • use the brow highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes for brightening
  • use the darkest colour as an eyeliner or crease shader



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