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Milani Liner | Traceur Milani

Holy shitballs, ladies – do I have a shiny treat for you! Milani INFINITE Liquid Eye Liner!

Yesterday morning, at 5:30am mind you, I decided to treat myself with a bit of liquid gold on my eyeballs. #4 Forever was a huge boost to my sleepies and lasted the entire bloody day! I’m in love and will be rockin’ all the other gorgie colours in the days to come.


  • $5.99
  • incredibly easy and smooth application – cute little brush
  • waterproof [but super easy to remove]
  • highly pigmented


  • can’t think of any


  • brown eyes should try Infinite, Endless and Eternal
  • blues should check out Unlimited and Forever
  • greens will look hot in Timeless and Nonstop
  • hazels are best in Nonstop and Forever

Hit it.


3 thoughts on “Milani Liner | Traceur Milani

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  2. G. says:

    These are very good, and though they can’t stand up quite as well to a shower or pool like the MAC waterproof liquid liners they come pretty close and are much more affordable. Milani is an under rated brand. The Mineral Blush in Luminous is so similar to NARS orgasm, and I love their Runway Eyes Shadow in Coffee Shop (also similar to one of my favorite NARS products) as well. Maybe it’s just me, but I think Milani is marketed more towards women with deeper skin tones which explains why the color payoff is more intense like a department store brand. Iman makes some nice intense eyeshadows and blushes as well. I have been sorely disappointed with NYX shadows and blushes, though I see so many bloggers raving about them. Maybe the shades I have tried weren’t the best available. I have never found a drugstore equal to Lancome foundations, however – they make the most beautiful colors for pale skinned girls. Love your blog.

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