Lashes, Milani

Milani Lashes | Cils Milani

This will be a review not like the others, meaning that instead of listing the PROs and CONs as I usually do, I’ll rant about as I please. Why? Because I can.

Let us begin with Power Lash Volumizing Mascara…

While loving the wand that reminded me of my beloved DiorShow, I was disappointed with the outcome. The promises of curling, volumizing and thickening did none of those on my lashes. With that in mind, I’ll definitely use this mascara on shoots that call for a natural look. I would also recommend this mascara for anyone that sports blonde/red lashes and wants to look as though they aren’t wearing anything at all. Personally, I prefer a mascara that coats just enough without looking like I’m wearing makeup.

Next up is Distinct Lash Mascara…

This was a different story. While the wand reminded me of Rimmel’s Flirt, I was skeptical as in the past I do like a thicker bristle application. The black goo was very liquid-y and I was afraid of smearing. The promise of lengthening was kept, however separating was a not-so-much. The rubbery bristles are spread too far for my lashes to separate them. Bottom lashes were a different ballgame, hence I’d recommend this mascara to anyone with shorter hairs. I fear of smearing never came true. Phew.

Perhaps using the Distinct Lash first followed by Power Lash will achieve what it is I am looking for. Perhaps Power Lash should come in brown (which gives the illusion of fullness). Either way, they only cost $6.49 a pop – try them out and prove me wrong! I like this.

Find them here.


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