Milani, Nails

Milani Gold | Or Milani

Colour of the week time! This week I’ve got two up my sleeve that I tried out and received mad love for on set of the feature I’m working on.

Behold Milani’s Specialty Nail Lacquer One Coat Glitter in Gold Glitz topped with…

Milani’s Specialty Nail Lacquer Jewel FX in Gold. The combo of these two is disco-fah-bu-lous! Seriously, my boyfriend called it a colour for twelve year old hookers, but what does he know – he’s never worn nail polish a day in his life to fully understand the glam factor of gold claws.


As much as the one coat promise is on point, the FX seems to chip off easier because of the massive flakes – yet in order to fully rid of the colour you’ll need a utility saw or an entire bottle of remover. Enter at your own dazzling risk.

Find thems glitters and FX here.


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