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Dry Shampoo | Shampooing Dec

Oh, the horror of greasy hair!

Didn’t you just wash it yesterday? Didn’t your stylist tell you not to indulge in daily rinses because they will damage your hair? But as much as you want to be good – the oil dripping down the back of your silk blouse is a dead giveaway of your sadness.

I’ve found some pretty wicked products for you that can help cheat your way into shimmery faux-clean follicles.

Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo: this is one of my favourites! At around $7 a pop, you can find them at your nearest Sally’s store. Incredibly easy to manage and leaves very minor residue that washes away with your next shower. I’ve gone for 5 days without washing my hair once thanks to this product.

KMS California Makeover Spray: is pretty frakkin’ awesome. Smells deeeelish. Doesn’t leave residue. Excellent for shoots where I just need a bit of dry texture to add onto the model’s noggen. Ranges from $10 (on Amazon) to $25. Definitely worth it.

TiGi Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo: although a bit pricey at about $22, you can find it at Walgreens! Smells yummy and does its job as promised.

Fekkai ‘Au Naturel’ Dry Shampoo: is very gentle and, c’mon, it’s Fekkai! $23 for salon quality product that has natural ingredients like rice and corn starch as well as cotton fibers. Perfection for a hippy like me. Oh, and you can find it at your nearest Ulta!

TIP: if you’ve run out of the above products, baby powder works just as well. Shake some into your roots, massage with fingertips and brush with bristles. Voila!

Now you have no excuse.


2 thoughts on “Dry Shampoo | Shampooing Dec

  1. You really shouldn’t use baby powder, as talc has been linked to cancer. Just go to the kitchen and grab some corn starch. Since it’s one of the main ingredients in dry shampoos you might as well save your money and skip the cancer.

    • I appreciate your post! There are a lot of options for non-talc baby powders, and yes, corn starch along with baking soda and dry clay are also options for dry shampoo substitutes. Cheers!

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