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Sunscreen? | Écran Solaire?

So, my friend Jordan sent me an interesting article two nights ago about the dangers [gasp] of sunscreen. DANGERS, people. Naturally, I had to put my investigating cap on and do the research so you don’t have to…

Apparently most sunscreens on the market contain chemicals that are harmful, more-so toxic,  and increase chances of cancer down the line. Check it:


  • penetration enhancer – aids chemicals in making their way into your skin
  • endocrine and hormone disrupter
  • damages and mutates cells
  • causes allergies
  • low birth weight if used during pregnancy

Vitamin A

  • increases skin’s sensitivity to UV rays = increases risks of skin cancer
  • another name for “retinol” which is used in anti-aging ingredients and should only be used at night and never around direct sun light

Diethyl Phthalate

  • causes liver and kidney damage
  • reduces fertility


  • dries skin
  • deposits into hair follicles and may cause acne breakouts

Para-Aminobenzoic Acid (PABA)


  • horrible for children
  • used to treat acne – not for every day use
  • can lead to kidney failure due to overproduction of bicarbonate

Beware, mes petits chéris, that this is not coming from a place of paranoia or panic. I also laughed it off at first, but then I cross-checked references and found that, indeed, all these additives are not our friends.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t be protecting yourself from the sun. This is also not to say that Vitamin D is bad for you, on the contrary it has some lovely properties for our well-being. This is just so you are more informed, more aware of what you are putting on and into your bodies.


  • light clothing covering your limbs is an alternative to SPF 15
  • wear wide brimmed hats to protect your head and face
  • wear large sunglasses to protect your eyeballs
  • Viamin E [topically or consumed] is an amazing sunblock in itself and helps reverse signs of sun damage
  • Omega-3 oils and fish are excellent preventative measures against cancer
  • when at the beach or working outside – try to keep in the shade as much as possible

Safe/er Sunscreens:

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