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Vika’s Hair | Vika les Cheveux

Vika is a mother of a gorgeous little girl. Vika is a blogger. Vika has very thick hair. Vika had a question for me about hair and pollution.

I answer Vika by telling her I’ll blog about it.



  • shampoo daily
  • dry your hair with heat tools
  • use oil based hair products will attract dust/dirt


  • massage scalp with coconut oil, leave in for an hour, wash
  • aloe vera gel mask for an hour, wash
  • mayonaise hair mask, 3-4 hours, wash
If you still want to add a little glisten to your tresses – here are a couple of oil-free options:

Optimum Care Sheen Spray

Vitale Oil Free Hair Polish



6 thoughts on “Vika’s Hair | Vika les Cheveux

  1. Thanks! I’m guilty of washing my hair daily. It’s oily and, like clockwork, 24 hour after I wash it, it gets greasy. I read somewhere that I can just rinse it instead..you think that would work? Several times throughout my life I tried going 2 days between shampoos, my hair always gets really greasy/itchy/gross.

    I hate the smell of coconut everything (blame it on a bad experience with fresh coconut milk in Costa Rica)..I also don’t like the smell of the Moroccan oil, is there anything else? My scalp is actually dry, so the oil is a great idea.

    I’m going to try the mayo technique. My husband absolutely detests mayo, so it’ll be an experience!!!

    Thanks again!!!!!!!!

    • Ok, are you conditioning your hair at the scalp? Remember to shampoo roots only and condition ends only.

      If you’re still oily – try conditioning first and shampooing second.

      I love Macadamia oil, personally, argan/Moroccan oil breaks out my skin anywhere my hair touches it. Also olive oil is some of the best for hair and skin.

    • Good girl!

      You can also try a vinegar rinse once a week…one part apple cider vinegar and two parts water.

      That’s the brand! Make sure to get the oil.

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