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For Katie and Other Producers | Pour Katie at Les Autres Producteurs

Though I would indubitably want to be hired to paint faces on every [(high) paying] project thrown my way – I only own one set of two hands. Alas, nobody’s perfect.

On jobs where my presence is attained but not obtained, I have my humble recommendations for producers who double up as makeup/hair artists and are smart enough to come ready for anything:

  • Translucent Powder is of optimum importance as nobody wants to be immortalized on screen as a sweaty, shiny mess. My favourite is Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder.

  • Tissue Paper should always be on hand to wipe up snot rockets and pat down sweaty brows and noses.
  • Hairspray can not only rid unruly wisps of hair-in-the-face but can double up as an eyebrow tamer when used along with clean mascara spoolies [most beauty stores sell these]. I like Bumble & Bumble Classic Hairspray in travel size. This formula doesn’t weigh down hair, works great on any texture, and smells yums.

  • Lipgloss for women and Chap Stick for men and children – clear lipgloss can spruce up any face and lessen worry of dry, bleeding lips. Big fan of Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream which can also be used on dry skin anywhere on the body, especially important for gestures by hands with ashy cuticles.

  • Concealer for blemishes or discoloration of the skin and dark under eye circles. My new favourite saviour is Joe Blasco’s Red Away which is also waterproof thus fantastic for waterworks.

  • Beauty Blender Sponges are great to get rid of any foundation or powder streaking on the face of your victims. You can buy them with a cleanser that will prolong the life of your sponges up to seven months. [They come with super simple instructions for both applying and cleaning.]

  • Wet Wipes – for when you have to take everything off! Though I prefer Korres Pomegranate Wipes, simple unscented baby wipes will do.

  • Brushes are also a good idea – has a really great selection of travel brush kits!

After all that you’ll need a pretty carrying case. 🙂


4 thoughts on “For Katie and Other Producers | Pour Katie at Les Autres Producteurs

  1. Katie Camosy says:

    Cheers for the informative post, Annah! I am totally stealing these ideas for whenever I can’t afford you. x

  2. David Harrison says:

    Nice kit! I run into lots of situations where it is impossible to bring a professional make-up artist–sometimes due to cost, sometimes because of logistics. I was never prepared to deal with black talent properly until I did an informal poll and was surprised to find that the Ben Nye translucent powder was absolutely color neutral and suitable to dull the shine of noses round the world. Continuing my inquiry, I also discovered that tungsten light is particularly unflattering to black skin because the blues and purples that are a natural part of the beauty of African pigmentation are almost completely absent from the tungsten spectrum. If daylight isn’t an option, sometimes a blue or magenta side-light or hair light will suffice.

    • Ben Nye is one of my absolutely favourite brands for wo/men of colour and their powders are very good quality, though I still prefer Laura Mercier (also good with any skin tone) for HD/REDcam appearances. There are a lot more things I could have put down, but these are the bare minimals. Cheers to you, David! Thanks for reading. Best.

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