Elina, I’m late. And flat irons. | Elina, je suis en retard. Et défrisants.

I’m a terrible friend.

Over two months is how long it takes me to do this write up about flat irons for a friend in need.


I don’t know why, after all these years, she still puts up with me.

Here is my atonement…

GHD is apparently one of the best irons on the market today. I mean, hello, Katy Perry is frontin’ that shiz! With this hefty 1″ you can de-frizz your Jew-fro or rock some 1940s waves. They range between $100 and $200 and come in some sexy colours as per your particular likings.

SEDU has been a celebrity favourite for several years. This little guy is incredibly light weight which aids in quick styling. It promises no snags and breakage and the reviews uphold its reputation. Range: $80-$160

Izunami is a part of GHD Professional and can be purchased at Costco when your CHI falls apart. The wider irons are great for thick long hair [like Elina’s]. It is also fantastic for unruly curlies. The best part: it’s not $200! Range: $60-$85

Remington Wet to Straight has been a friend for over a decade now. A cheapie, easily accessible alternative when your expensive iron breaks down and it’s after 10pm and you are in a hurry to go out. CVS, Walgreens and Target carries these. Best part about it: if you forget to turn it off your house won’t burn down because it turns off on it’s own. Range: $20-$75


  • Invest in a protective spray so that when you’re straightening your hair the steam comes from the product and not from singing your hairs.
  • Invest in a metal comb that you can run in front of the iron, paving a smooth road for it on the way down.
  • Don’t start at the roots, leave those for healthy hair to grown in.
  • Don’t run the iron over the same patch of hair over and over again – this is how you damage your hair.
  • Start from the lower back section of your hair and make your way to the front. *Hair clips help.

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