Fiber Lashes | Fibre de Cils

If you love your tiny, puny, scarce eyelashes – we shouldn’t be friends.

We should be friends if you love the black goo from your mascara spoolie so much that you slather it on maniacally, taking turns between eyelash curlers and Q-tips. We should be friends if you love the look of [well applied] fake lashes but don’t have the time or energy to adhere them every day. We should be friends if the idea of eyelash extensions makes you weep on the inside because you’d do it in a heartbeat if it didn’t mean losing the few precious ones you own naturally in the long run.

I present to you…

L’Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lash Mascara

Whilst visiting my nearest CVS with some family from out of town, I spotted this bad boy on sale and, naturally, nabbed it off the shelf and straight into my red shopping basket.

That was two weeks ago. Between then and now – I haven’t spent a day without coating my cils in this shiz. Two words: DOLL EYES! I love ’em and they’re all mine.

Though I was a wee bit put off by the clumpy spoolie, it distributes the colour evenly leaving my lashes thick and long (that’s what she said). At the end of the day/night washing off makeup with a gentle cleanser there is almost no need for makeup remover! Brownie points. My only complaint is that throughout the day there is some flaking happening under the eyes if I do a coat on the bottom lashes. Otherwise – smooth sailings.

To summarize, this is a long-overdue-blessing for ladies who don’t want to spend $30+ on fancy fiber mascaras or have the option more than a drugstore on their home turf.

Rejoice, girls!


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