Mix & Match, Nails, OPI

Mix and Match | Mélanger et Assortir

Does anyone do their fingers and toes the same colour anymore?

You do? Oh, you poor dear…

For you, and you alone, I’m going to start a category with the aforementioned title to carry you through these trying times. I’ll show you how to create a harmony between your appendages. I’ll make you smile.

Here we go!

Yesterday, whilst watching Dexter in bed most of the day, I had the sudden urge to repaint and this is what I came up with:

OPI’s BIG APPLE RED for the toesies.

And OPI’s CHOP-STICKING TO MY STORY for the fingies.

Inspiration – fall leaves. We Angelinos also get so see the turning of seasons through colourful leaves. Fall is in full bloom, my pretties!


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