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I love Dior | J’adore Dior

You know how you’re either a Chanel girl or a Dior girl? Yeah…DIOR ADDICT RIGHT HERE, BABY!

This July is going to be absolutely magical and here’s why…

The Dior Summer Mix collection has a shade for everyone’s fancy. Personally, my mood is at Happy O’Clock every time I look at my Acapulco [yellow] nails and my Rose Bikini [pink] lips. Seriously.

This assembly of colours is spectacular. The Vernis Nail Gloss coats beautifully with its perfect applicator brush – giving very litte room to mess anything up. And the Addict Ultra-Gloss coats your lips so seamlessly – you’ll want to keep reapplying, luckily you won’t have to; this stuff has amazing staying power.

Nail Shades:

Cosmo #178 – a cheerful watermelon pink
Calypso #158 – a bright candy apple red
Acapulco #118 – a tart lemon yellow
Lagoon #198 – a cool swimming pool blue

Lip Gloss:

Rouge Croisiere #854 – a happy red
Rose Bikini #664 – the perfect pink

I hope to see mile-long lines at your local Dior counters on July the first! Ready…set…DIOR!


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