Dior, Fragrance

I smell Dior. | Je sens Dior.

OK OK, so we all know I’m in love with the new Dior Summer Mix collection by now, but this is only the tip of my love iceberg.

Behold my new obsession…

Also out this summer, this new addition to Dior’s exclusive “La Collection Privée” fragrances, is a bottle full of witchcraft.

Direct from Dior:

“Oud Ispahan recreates Mr. Dior’s dreams of the Orient through a striking Rose Oud Amber accord. Created by Dior Perfumer-Creator Francois Demachy, this universal scent features top notes of Labdanum Absolute, middle notes of Patchouli Essence from Indonesia and bottom notes of Oud Essence from Laos, Rose Essence from Turkey and Sandalwood Essence from New-Caledonia for a warm, spicy reinterpretation of Eastern locales.”

Basically, I want to bathe in it. All these years I’ve been wearing Patchouli oil and wishing a that there was something better than the couple of [wannabe] sprays I have found. But this, this delicacy is for the likes of grown up hippy fashionistas. Or women who want to smell like mystery.


Another new summer friend is…

Direct from Dior:

“Grand Bal elegantly embodies the exhilaration of a summer night, lingering until the first glimmers of dawn. Like the most beautiful dress, its radiant composition – led by Grasse Jasmine – was created by Dior Creator-Perfumer Francois Demacnhy. ‘Grand Bal is an echo of Christian Dior’s grand ball gowns, whose volume and beauty recall the blossoming petals of a flower,’ says Demachy.

Grand Bal features top notes of Jasmine, derived from the exclusive harvests of the Domaine de Manon for the House of Dior, middle notes of Mayotte Ylang Ylang and Tunisian Orange Blossom Absolute and base notes of New Caledonia Sandalwood Essence and sweet musk.”

This fragrance is definitely decadent. My every day clothes are no match for the richness of the flavours in this perfume. Makes me want to dress up and walk a red carpet.

Can you wait another month?


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