Dior, Nails, OPI

Nailed it.

I’m a nail polish addict.

Literally, I have a crate of “nail supplies” hidden somewhere in my kitchen. Once it gets out of hand – I make donations to friends, but this is purely a ploy to hunt and gather more colours.

As some of you know, I don’t condone gel nails. Not only can I not commit to one colour for more than five days, but that shit’s just not good for you! Ok, fine, if you’re going on holiday and don’t want to fuss about with chipped ends I will forgive, but that is it.

The love of my life in the world of polish has been and always will be Dior.


This is still my favourite collection to date. Last year’s Violets Hypnotiques. Today’s fingers and toes. Swearsies. Not only do these bad boys have ultimate staying power, but the richness of the colours never fails. These are simply the best and worth every penny.

Closely followed, if not nearly matched are definitely CND.


These little bottles hold a lot of stay power and their muted colours are out of this world. If you like a little smoke on your fingers – this is the way forward. Their collections and pricing are always on point.

And then there are nail wraps. My favourite so far have been by Jamberry.


I mean who doesn’t want a floral accent nail? These are also fool-proof when it comes to application. If you’re not ambidextrous or coordinated, you still won’t mess these up. All you need is a quick blast of hot air from a blow dryer and these puppies are stuck to your nails. Trim-trim. Enjoy.

And if you’re a leather lover with a heart of gold you can have leathery nails guilt-free by Nails Inc.

nails-inc-leather I. Love. This. Stuff. I love it so much that my husband broke the bottle when I asked for help opening it and still managed to salvage every drop. This fancy brand also dabbles in feathers, holograms and serious bling. Dries very quick on its own. Love that.

Some of the most beautiful colours are by Butter of London.


Nails are chic by association with this label. Creamy. Vibrant. On trend. Always put out. Wait, that sounds way too dirty. I did say I love nail polish a lot. Hard-ons are just a part of the love.

Yves Rocher has become one of my beauty staples.


Nude Rose happens to be my favourite colour in their nail polish department. Imagine rose gold diamonds all over your finger nails. Yeah. I know. You’re in Google mode.

Last, but never least is the classic…OPI.


My two go-tos lately are Eurso Euro [blue] and Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees [grey]. When in doubt I’ll always chose one of these if not both. The price point is right there with LCN and you always get what you buy, as in the colours aren’t diluted or murky. And these lovelies last for ages.

Don’t forget to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have a base coat on so that your nails don’t become yellow and brittle. A little buffing goes a long way. Wear gloves when doing house work to prolong your mani [I learned the hard way]. And keep a travel file with you at all times in case of emergency.


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