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Lia is a Gemini | Lia est un Gémeaux

At the end of the summer, there was a lovely short escape to the desert of Palm Springs with my beloved, our beloved friends Shelli and Chris and some really hot models.

One of them was a foxy, blonde pixie named Lia.


Director/Editor: Chris Bredesen
2nd Camera: Josh Gibson
CD/Photographer: Shelli Wright
Hair/Makeup: Annah Yevelenko
Model: Lia Richardson

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Getaway | Escapade

So, back at the very end of August…the day after Josh and I moved into our new abode…we drove to Palm Springs for a day and a night to spend it shooting with our friends Shelli and Chris [and a pack of super hot models].

There was a ton of laughter…

And cute boys…

Here’s a little somfin’-somfin’ for you ladies…

Daniel Amsalem – Palm Springs from Bredesen Productions on Vimeo.

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Recap | Résumer

I missed you!

These past few weeks have been absolutely ridiculous and full of awesomeness!

I went to a location by Big Bear to shoot Camp Playboy for PlayboyTV.

  • Our makeup/hair team was perfection. We all ebbed and flowed with respect and upmost professionalism. It was truly impressive.
  • Met Dustin Diamond (Screech from Saved by the Bell) and groomed Barry Williams (Greg Brady from the Brady Bunch) – who is the sweetest!
  • Got to work on Playmate Katie Vernola’s face and hair – adorbs!

Worked on a beautiful shoot with Craig Eisenberg in Santa Monica with an Elite model by the name of Camille…who looks a bit like Amy Adams and studies PoliSci at Yale…hello, smartiepants!

And then my journey with LA Magazine began with Lisa Romerein shooting Alexis Hadjopulos who is the owner of TINI, a sweet pea, and sleeps in the bedroom of my dreams…

Next was a shoot with a downtown architect followed by a vintage Vespa shoot with Cedric Angeles. I caught a glympse of the fun to share with you…

Working with Cedric again tomorrow on the cover shoot for the July issue atop the Standard hotel – can’t wait!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of grooming the legendary Dr. Drew! What a treat. Such a grounded and lovely man. O, happy day…