Baked, Eyes, Milani

Milani Baked Eyeshadow 2 | Au Four à Paupières Milani 2

As you already know I’m loving my baked eyeshadows, thus today I’ll give word of my love for the Metallic collection.

Like the Marble you can use these wet or dry and they are highly pigmented and super glam-y. I’ve been rockin’ Rich Java with Nonstop Infinite Liquid Liner for a Priscilla Presley inspired look. Big hit.

It’s a possibility that tomorrow shall be a Purr-fect Purple day…stay tuned for my Tweets (on the right side of the page) for photographic evidence.

Ok, now enough linkage.

Go get some $7.49 shadows, ladies!

Baked, Cheeks, Milani

Milani Baked Blush | Rougir Cuites Milani

Last week I revealed to you one of my favouritest bronzers evar and now would like to introduce you to its blushing counterpart – Milani’s Baked Blush.

For $7.99 you can radiate a warm glow and smile confidently with all of these beautiful shades. My favourite so far is Corallina – a colour that can be pulled off by any skin tone. A few quick strokes of a brush and my cheeks reflect light with ardour.


  • lasts all day
  • smooth application
  • tons of shades to choose from
  • excellent for darker complexions


  • though there are a lot of different varieties of colours – the lightest are too dark for me and I’m concerned about those with alabaster skins
  • the brush it comes with streaks when used to apply with


  • using a blush brush apply to cheek bones and temples
  • double up as an eye shadow
  • use atop the Baked Bronzer for gorgeous results


Baked, Eyes, Milani

Milani Baked Eyeshadow | Au Four à Paupières

Our next chapter is in the eye of the beholder. Particularly eyeshadow. Particularly baked eyeshadow. Particularly Milani’s Baked Eyeshadow Marble…

The entire line of the colours is pretty groovy, very glam and very sexy. The price is a measly $7.49 and these shells are also luxuriously baked on Italian terracotta tiles (like the baked bronzer).  You can wear them dry or wet, depending on how dramatic you want to fly.

My favourite so far is the colour Fusion – the purples in it bring out the green in my hazel. ♥


  • the lighter colours are lovely for the day and can be mixed with the darks for added night time drama
  • highly pigmented = your ojos will be noticed
  • very minimal falling [no need to clean up under the eyes]
  • no creasing


  • can’t say I’m the biggest fan of the curved brush/sponge applicator – very small and difficult to maneuver and the brush is too blunt


  • try adding these atop of darker matte shades for an extra pop
  • the darker colours are a great eyeliner if you’re using a wet brush, or simply press the shadow into your eyeliner [wax] for impact magnitude


Baked, Bronzer, Milani

Milani Baked Bronzer | Milani Bronzant au Four

This has to be, by far, my most favourite favourite product by Milani: Baked Bronzer.

A-hem, $8.99 for a giant compact with Italian terracotta? Yeah, I’ll take all three, please!

My current weapon of choice is Glow, but after my Peru trip – I’m sure I’ll be using Golden with Soleil in between.


  • impeccable distribution
  • doesn’t streak [unless you use it wet]
  • reflects the perfect amount of light
  • the shades vary just enough to compliment any skin tone


  • not the biggest fan of the brush it comes with – I’m a fan of big brushes for bronzer


  • my biggest suggestion is using this atop your cheek bones, nose/chin/forehead might make you look oily
  • apply in downward motions with your brush – think of the way rays of the sun hit your face from above
  • dust lightly on your décolleté to accentuate the girls

Find more about this awesomeness here.