Baked, Bronzer, Milani

Milani Baked Bronzer | Milani Bronzant au Four

This has to be, by far, my most favourite favourite product by Milani: Baked Bronzer.

A-hem, $8.99 for a giant compact with Italian terracotta? Yeah, I’ll take all three, please!

My current weapon of choice is Glow, but after my Peru trip – I’m sure I’ll be using Golden with Soleil in between.


  • impeccable distribution
  • doesn’t streak [unless you use it wet]
  • reflects the perfect amount of light
  • the shades vary just enough to compliment any skin tone


  • not the biggest fan of the brush it comes with – I’m a fan of big brushes for bronzer


  • my biggest suggestion is using this atop your cheek bones, nose/chin/forehead might make you look oily
  • apply in downward motions with your brush – think of the way rays of the sun hit your face from above
  • dust lightly on your décolleté to accentuate the girls

Find more about this awesomeness here.