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Vanessa Marano at Variety

I’ve recently had the pleasure of working with this lovely lady. You’ve seen her on Dexter as John Lithgow’s daughter, which happens to be my favourite season. And for the past few years she’s the lead in ABC’s Switched at Birth.

Very excited to share pictures of the shoot Marc Cartwright and I did with her, but until then – let’s dissect the look I worked on with her for the Variety & Women in Film Pre Emmy Party on Friday…

Here is the pretty girl in her pretty lace dress:

Variety & Women In Film Pre-Emmy Event presented by Yoplait Greek - ArrivalsAnd here is a close up of our makeup/hair combo:

Variety & Women In Film Pre-Emmy Event presented by Yoplait Greek - Red Carpet

To veer away from the prom look that’s so easily accomplished with “perfect hair” in this dress silhouette, we decided to let the hair be a little wild with just enough control so that it doesn’t poof at a tiny whiff of humidity.

Because we had a bunch of product from our shoot the day before already in the hair, I told Vanessa not to wash it out. On dark hair – dirty is great for manageability. In order to refresh the roots I used Bumble and Bumble Tonic Lotion and to soak up moisture Bangstyle Sea Salt Mist all over.

bangstyle bumble

After a quick blow dry, I slathered Vanessa’s locks with TiGi S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer to ensure that her night is frizz-less and full of shine.

Smoothing Lusterizer

As for her face, this girl barely needs anything to look like a million bucks! We mostly concentrated on skin care with Rodial Glamoxy Exfoliating Pads [I’m obsessed with these] – dead skin is gently wiped away leaving behind an incredible luster and perfect canvas for makeup application.


Next, I combined Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream with Manna Kadar Sheer Glow Lotion for the ultimate healthy skin illumination.


The glow was set with Dior Matte and Luminous Hydrating powder in gold. This stuff has just the right of shimmer and the perfect amount of matte where you need it.


Eyeballs were treated with Lash Republic individual lashes variating from short to medium. This is my preferred brand. The quality is incredible.


A little Smashbox Prism Blush on the cheeks for colour.


And for the lips I’d want to wear every day of my life if mine were this full – Dior Addict Extreme in Black tie.

dioraddictextremelipstick-blacktieAnd now you know how to look like a celebrity, my fair reader. Go buy some products!

Thanks to Just Jared for the images.
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Nailed it.

I’m a nail polish addict.

Literally, I have a crate of “nail supplies” hidden somewhere in my kitchen. Once it gets out of hand – I make donations to friends, but this is purely a ploy to hunt and gather more colours.

As some of you know, I don’t condone gel nails. Not only can I not commit to one colour for more than five days, but that shit’s just not good for you! Ok, fine, if you’re going on holiday and don’t want to fuss about with chipped ends I will forgive, but that is it.

The love of my life in the world of polish has been and always will be Dior.


This is still my favourite collection to date. Last year’s Violets Hypnotiques. Today’s fingers and toes. Swearsies. Not only do these bad boys have ultimate staying power, but the richness of the colours never fails. These are simply the best and worth every penny.

Closely followed, if not nearly matched are definitely CND.


These little bottles hold a lot of stay power and their muted colours are out of this world. If you like a little smoke on your fingers – this is the way forward. Their collections and pricing are always on point.

And then there are nail wraps. My favourite so far have been by Jamberry.


I mean who doesn’t want a floral accent nail? These are also fool-proof when it comes to application. If you’re not ambidextrous or coordinated, you still won’t mess these up. All you need is a quick blast of hot air from a blow dryer and these puppies are stuck to your nails. Trim-trim. Enjoy.

And if you’re a leather lover with a heart of gold you can have leathery nails guilt-free by Nails Inc.

nails-inc-leather I. Love. This. Stuff. I love it so much that my husband broke the bottle when I asked for help opening it and still managed to salvage every drop. This fancy brand also dabbles in feathers, holograms and serious bling. Dries very quick on its own. Love that.

Some of the most beautiful colours are by Butter of London.


Nails are chic by association with this label. Creamy. Vibrant. On trend. Always put out. Wait, that sounds way too dirty. I did say I love nail polish a lot. Hard-ons are just a part of the love.

Yves Rocher has become one of my beauty staples.


Nude Rose happens to be my favourite colour in their nail polish department. Imagine rose gold diamonds all over your finger nails. Yeah. I know. You’re in Google mode.

Last, but never least is the classic…OPI.


My two go-tos lately are Eurso Euro [blue] and Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees [grey]. When in doubt I’ll always chose one of these if not both. The price point is right there with LCN and you always get what you buy, as in the colours aren’t diluted or murky. And these lovelies last for ages.

Don’t forget to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have a base coat on so that your nails don’t become yellow and brittle. A little buffing goes a long way. Wear gloves when doing house work to prolong your mani [I learned the hard way]. And keep a travel file with you at all times in case of emergency.

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That Dior Man Smell | Cette Odeur Homme Dior

The way to describe this scent by my beloved Dior is natural elegance.

This potion was first introduced in 1966 and has since had a bit of an overhaul to keep up with today’s boys. Although I don’t believe there is a boy out there who wouldn’t want to smell as manly as this.

Crisp citrus, amber and Bergamot are some of the tones and, boy, do they leave a mark. One of these days when I’m dressed in a tux – you’ll take a whiff of me in nothing but this deliciousness.

The best part? It’s shaped like a couture flask. I mean, really – how is there anything about this that’s not sexy? Impossible.

Are you man enough?

*Available now!

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Purple Dior | Pourpre Dior

Have you heard? My new hair is now…

So, of course I’m partial to this new limited edition collection from Dior called “Les Violets Hypnotiques”. [Yes, like the others – start packing your tents for the summer launch.]

Not only are there three gorgeous shades of nail polish [two of which I’m currently mix-matching on my fingers and toes], but there is also a mascara, eyeshadow and gloss involved. #purpleoverload

The past two and a half weeks have been full of travel/work for me and I hadn’t had time to update my mani-pedi, but these polishes have been hanging on with their dear lives. I’ve never seen anything like it [aside from gels, which I’m not into because they’re bulky and I’m afraid of commitment when it comes to my nails]. With all the work I’ve put my hands through, the chipping is minimal.

As for the mascara – I’m not usually one for anything other than brown or black, but I must say receiving countless compliments on my hazel ojos when mixed with a shade of plum on my lashes did make me think twice. #forthewin

Must I really talk about the quality of the shadows? Didn’t think so.

And the lipgloss, as usual, is gorgeous and smooth. Reapplication is, again, minimal. #bangforyourbuck

So when these babies hit stores you should be ready knowing what to request:

Diorshow Extase Mascara in Plum #871

Dior 3-Couleurs Smokey Eyeshadow in Smoky Violet #961

Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss in Draped Lilac #582

Dior Vernis Shadow #783

Dior Vernis Orchid #981

Dior Vernis Poison #996 [personal favourite]

Hope your sleeping bags are comfy!

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I smell Dior. | Je sens Dior.

OK OK, so we all know I’m in love with the new Dior Summer Mix collection by now, but this is only the tip of my love iceberg.

Behold my new obsession…

Also out this summer, this new addition to Dior’s exclusive “La Collection Privée” fragrances, is a bottle full of witchcraft.

Direct from Dior:

“Oud Ispahan recreates Mr. Dior’s dreams of the Orient through a striking Rose Oud Amber accord. Created by Dior Perfumer-Creator Francois Demachy, this universal scent features top notes of Labdanum Absolute, middle notes of Patchouli Essence from Indonesia and bottom notes of Oud Essence from Laos, Rose Essence from Turkey and Sandalwood Essence from New-Caledonia for a warm, spicy reinterpretation of Eastern locales.”

Basically, I want to bathe in it. All these years I’ve been wearing Patchouli oil and wishing a that there was something better than the couple of [wannabe] sprays I have found. But this, this delicacy is for the likes of grown up hippy fashionistas. Or women who want to smell like mystery.


Another new summer friend is…

Direct from Dior:

“Grand Bal elegantly embodies the exhilaration of a summer night, lingering until the first glimmers of dawn. Like the most beautiful dress, its radiant composition – led by Grasse Jasmine – was created by Dior Creator-Perfumer Francois Demacnhy. ‘Grand Bal is an echo of Christian Dior’s grand ball gowns, whose volume and beauty recall the blossoming petals of a flower,’ says Demachy.

Grand Bal features top notes of Jasmine, derived from the exclusive harvests of the Domaine de Manon for the House of Dior, middle notes of Mayotte Ylang Ylang and Tunisian Orange Blossom Absolute and base notes of New Caledonia Sandalwood Essence and sweet musk.”

This fragrance is definitely decadent. My every day clothes are no match for the richness of the flavours in this perfume. Makes me want to dress up and walk a red carpet.

Can you wait another month?

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I love Dior | J’adore Dior

You know how you’re either a Chanel girl or a Dior girl? Yeah…DIOR ADDICT RIGHT HERE, BABY!

This July is going to be absolutely magical and here’s why…

The Dior Summer Mix collection has a shade for everyone’s fancy. Personally, my mood is at Happy O’Clock every time I look at my Acapulco [yellow] nails and my Rose Bikini [pink] lips. Seriously.

This assembly of colours is spectacular. The Vernis Nail Gloss coats beautifully with its perfect applicator brush – giving very litte room to mess anything up. And the Addict Ultra-Gloss coats your lips so seamlessly – you’ll want to keep reapplying, luckily you won’t have to; this stuff has amazing staying power.

Nail Shades:

Cosmo #178 – a cheerful watermelon pink
Calypso #158 – a bright candy apple red
Acapulco #118 – a tart lemon yellow
Lagoon #198 – a cool swimming pool blue

Lip Gloss:

Rouge Croisiere #854 – a happy red
Rose Bikini #664 – the perfect pink

I hope to see mile-long lines at your local Dior counters on July the first! Ready…set…DIOR!