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After months and months of tears, pain, hunger, begging and love – a new fashion baby is born.

Created by someone I’m honoured to call a friend, Shelli Wright is the brains/beauty/brawn behind this love child and the mother of a new generation of women who are not afraid to say “fuck yes”!

Design Director/Co-Editor: Chris Bredesen
Art Director: Jasmine Hromjak
Beauty Editor: MEEEEE
Fashion Editor: Courtenay Brandt
Web Designer: Nathan Taylor
Motion DP: Josh Gibson

And don’t forget to check out my Bridgitte Bardot makeup tutorial and goes along with one of our French Icons in our Icon Like On editorial spread!


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It was a Rainey day. | Ce fut une journée Rainey.

A couple of weeks ago a small team of girls (and a very tall father of the model) went hiking into the depths of Bronson Canyon and set up a magical tent under which transformations took place for an Eco-friendly editorial.

Our fresh faced model, Rainey, came with eyebrows and very nappy hair. The poor beauty had been perming her hair for ages and has just recently began her process of repair. My contribution? Giving her a rad editorial Afro puff and faux bleaching her brows with a purple stick of Elmer’s glue.

Here is a sneak peak of how it turned out…


Photo: Shelli Wright
Styling: Courtenay Brandt
Model: Rainey (LA Models)

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Obsessed | Obsédé

Had to document [and share] my complete mental breakdown goo drool upon the discovery of an issue of Exhibition magazine with Magdalena Frackowiak shot by Catherine Servel.

Holy balls hotness! This may be my absolute favourite colour combos yet…behold!:



And to think…I was getting tired of my red hair…

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Recap | Résumer

I missed you!

These past few weeks have been absolutely ridiculous and full of awesomeness!

I went to a location by Big Bear to shoot Camp Playboy for PlayboyTV.

  • Our makeup/hair team was perfection. We all ebbed and flowed with respect and upmost professionalism. It was truly impressive.
  • Met Dustin Diamond (Screech from Saved by the Bell) and groomed Barry Williams (Greg Brady from the Brady Bunch) – who is the sweetest!
  • Got to work on Playmate Katie Vernola’s face and hair – adorbs!

Worked on a beautiful shoot with Craig Eisenberg in Santa Monica with an Elite model by the name of Camille…who looks a bit like Amy Adams and studies PoliSci at Yale…hello, smartiepants!

And then my journey with LA Magazine began with Lisa Romerein shooting Alexis Hadjopulos who is the owner of TINI, a sweet pea, and sleeps in the bedroom of my dreams…

Next was a shoot with a downtown architect followed by a vintage Vespa shoot with Cedric Angeles. I caught a glympse of the fun to share with you…

Working with Cedric again tomorrow on the cover shoot for the July issue atop the Standard hotel – can’t wait!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of grooming the legendary Dr. Drew! What a treat. Such a grounded and lovely man. O, happy day…