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It was a Rainey day. | Ce fut une journée Rainey.

A couple of weeks ago a small team of girls (and a very tall father of the model) went hiking into the depths of Bronson Canyon and set up a magical tent under which transformations took place for an Eco-friendly editorial.

Our fresh faced model, Rainey, came with eyebrows and very nappy hair. The poor beauty had been perming her hair for ages and has just recently began her process of repair. My contribution? Giving her a rad editorial Afro puff and faux bleaching her brows with a purple stick of Elmer’s glue.

Here is a sneak peak of how it turned out…


Photo: Shelli Wright
Styling: Courtenay Brandt
Model: Rainey (LA Models)

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Milani Brows | Sourcils Milani

Let’s start our week off with a kick ass product that will shape the most important feature of your face in three simple steps – Milani Brow Fix Eye Brow Powder Kit.

For $6.49 you get two brow colours (in one), a highlighter for the brow bone, tweezers, angled brush, sponge applicator and a mirror. You’re a fool not to have this stashed in your purse! Lord knows I’ve had a melodramatic moment or seventeen, in which this set would have been a life saver.

I use the Light combo as the darker shade on the platter is a bit too dark for me for day, but when mixed with its sunnier sidekick, the colour is perfection.


  • love the fact that it’s a powder kit rather than pencils – natural texture
  • the highlighter is just right for each skin tone depending on which combination suits your needs
  • lasts forever
  • fits into the tiniest purse


  • not the hugest fan of the teeny tools it comes with, although when in a rush – I’ve made them work
  • I’ve noticed [from using this kit for years] that once the mini me tools have been dislodged from their factory settings – they are incredibly easy to lose


  • use the brow highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes for brightening
  • use the darkest colour as an eyeliner or crease shader


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Eyebrows: Send Help | Les Sourcils: Envoyer de l’aide

When I was about fourteen years young – I adored (and still do) Drew Barrymore. The film Mad Love was in theaters. I may have gone to see it more than a couple of times.

Most of my fellow eight graders didn’t understand why I wore flower printed summer dresses with MIA combat boots. Why I chopped off all my hair and grew it out to a messy bob (infused with 3 family size bottles of Sun-In). Mum was horrified when I walked out of my bedroom, tweezers in hand, sporting stick-straight razor-thin brows.

With my luck they didn’t grow back much and to this day I am forced to fill them in when I put on a full face.

Ladies, eyebrows are important! They are the frame to your windows to the soul. The thinner the brows – the harder you must work on your eye makeup. Full brows will never go out of style.


  • If you are an owner of a non-steady hand, do me and yourself a favour and throw your tweezers out the window.
  • My chocolate sistas: please stop attacking your eye hairs with a razor because, sadly, the ongoing process irritates your gorgeous skin and leaves you looking like you’ve been slapped by an alligator.
  • Get you shiz threaded by talented Indian ladies who don’t live at the mall kiosk.
  • Do not let your favourite barber touch your face.
  • If you get your mug fibers waxed and walk out with second degree burns: a) do not pay     b) don’t come back
  • The wider the space between brows creates an illusion of a wider face…I call this Antz factor.
  • Please don’t shave your eyebrows and draw/tattoo them on. That look is SOO twenty years ago.
  • The only person who should ever be allowed to do Chola makeup is Gloria. ❤


  • Brows should begin above the tear duct and over.
  • Brows should end at about a 45 degree angle from the outer eye corner.
  • The shape of your brow should mirror the top line of your eyeballs. This line should also be fluid, I.e. a full arch rather than square+line. (Don’t judge my white Photoshopped arch.)
  • Most important is to get rid of the dark hair under the brow shape you desire as having a thick, full line above is perfectly normal and natural.


  • If grooming yourself – draw an arch with a white/black pencil and tweeze the hairs underneath the line backing away from the mirror to make sure both sides are the same size and shape.
  • With clear mascara or a clean flat toothbrush, comb your eyebrows upward and cut the strays outside of the line with small curved scissors.
  • When filling in brows stick to an angled brush and a matte eye/brow shadow – this ensures a much more organic look rather than the harsh lines of a pencil. Comb through afterwards to disperse the colour.
  • Hairspray on a clean mascara wand and swiftly comb unruly hairs into place.

Oh yeah, and pray for me to grow my sourcils back some day…I hear slathering on Vaseline before bed is a good idea. Will keep you posted.