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Milani Base and Top | Base et le Sommet Milani

So I lied yesterday when I said that it would be my last review. I’ve got one more up my sleeve. Saturdays are becoming Colour of the Week days, however, though this is a polish – you do not see it.

This base coat is pretty wicked. I had a little chip on my big toe and it leveled it perfectly. The top coat coats smoothly and dries quick. Give it a go, ya’ll.

$4.99 = buy two for under $10! Steal.


Eyes, Milani

Milani Eye Liner | Traceur Pour les Yeux Milani

This may be my last Milani review, but I definitely love this LIQUIF’EYE Liquid Eye Liner Automatic Propel Pencil…

This liner is pretty friggin’ awesome. It glides across the lid like a liquid liner – as promised. Application is easy even if you don’t have a steady hand because of its forgiving shimmers. Not the most amazing smudging, but then again it is smudge-proof…don’t worry if you have oily eyelids as it stays put after application.

I tried Purple [out of the 3 colours available] the other day with the Metallic Baked Eyeshadow over it and the combination made me very happy. You can’t beat $5.49 price tag either. Now I just wish it came in black, brown/gold and white/silver for those that aren’t colour savvy.

Get it.

Baked, Eyes, Milani

Milani Baked Eyeshadow 2 | Au Four à Paupières Milani 2

As you already know I’m loving my baked eyeshadows, thus today I’ll give word of my love for the Metallic collection.

Like the Marble you can use these wet or dry and they are highly pigmented and super glam-y. I’ve been rockin’ Rich Java with Nonstop Infinite Liquid Liner for a Priscilla Presley inspired look. Big hit.

It’s a possibility that tomorrow shall be a Purr-fect Purple day…stay tuned for my Tweets (on the right side of the page) for photographic evidence.

Ok, now enough linkage.

Go get some $7.49 shadows, ladies!

Lips, Milani

Milani Lip Flash | Éclat Lèvres Milani

As much as I was excited for this line – have to honestly say I was left a bit disappointed. Milani’s Lip Flash is a lip gloss pencil that has a ton of cool features like: nourishing, sharpen-able, non tacky and etc., and yet the colours are all wrong for me. Each one is shimmery and just-a-bit-off.

Look at how rad they look, though!

I was reminded of the Trish McEvoy Essencial Pencils except these are glossier, which I like, but sadly aside from the darker shades like News Flash all the others are too frosty for me and make me look like a toddler raiding mommy’s makeup bag. 😦

However, if you were bestowed with lips under the endowed mark, the shimmery tones can give the illusion of fullness. Get a few because you can afford them at $6.99 a pop. The best part – no lip liner needed!



Lips, Milani

Milani Advanced Lip | Lèvres Avancées Milani

This is an ode to Milani’s HD Advanced Lip Color…

Have to admit, I’m kind of a fan. Kind of a huge fan. Fan enough to try out colours on myself. Fan enough to test its HD properties on the feature film I’m working on shot on the Red One cam. Win.

The $7.99 price tag is more than decent for another HD product [I hope Milani keeps surprising us with more HD products] that has 12 colour options split evenly into cream and pearl shades.

Personally I favour the cream shades to the pearl and have been using Vivacious Fuchsia and Rasberry Flush the most. They do tend to bleed on some so a nude lip liner prior to application will seal those pesky leaks right up.

Full recommendation from me and you can find all the shades here.

Milani, Nails

Milani Gold | Or Milani

Colour of the week time! This week I’ve got two up my sleeve that I tried out and received mad love for on set of the feature I’m working on.

Behold Milani’s Specialty Nail Lacquer One Coat Glitter in Gold Glitz topped with…

Milani’s Specialty Nail Lacquer Jewel FX in Gold. The combo of these two is disco-fah-bu-lous! Seriously, my boyfriend called it a colour for twelve year old hookers, but what does he know – he’s never worn nail polish a day in his life to fully understand the glam factor of gold claws.


As much as the one coat promise is on point, the FX seems to chip off easier because of the massive flakes – yet in order to fully rid of the colour you’ll need a utility saw or an entire bottle of remover. Enter at your own dazzling risk.

Find thems glitters and FX here.

Lashes, Milani

Milani Lashes | Cils Milani

This will be a review not like the others, meaning that instead of listing the PROs and CONs as I usually do, I’ll rant about as I please. Why? Because I can.

Let us begin with Power Lash Volumizing Mascara…

While loving the wand that reminded me of my beloved DiorShow, I was disappointed with the outcome. The promises of curling, volumizing and thickening did none of those on my lashes. With that in mind, I’ll definitely use this mascara on shoots that call for a natural look. I would also recommend this mascara for anyone that sports blonde/red lashes and wants to look as though they aren’t wearing anything at all. Personally, I prefer a mascara that coats just enough without looking like I’m wearing makeup.

Next up is Distinct Lash Mascara…

This was a different story. While the wand reminded me of Rimmel’s Flirt, I was skeptical as in the past I do like a thicker bristle application. The black goo was very liquid-y and I was afraid of smearing. The promise of lengthening was kept, however separating was a not-so-much. The rubbery bristles are spread too far for my lashes to separate them. Bottom lashes were a different ballgame, hence I’d recommend this mascara to anyone with shorter hairs. I fear of smearing never came true. Phew.

Perhaps using the Distinct Lash first followed by Power Lash will achieve what it is I am looking for. Perhaps Power Lash should come in brown (which gives the illusion of fullness). Either way, they only cost $6.49 a pop – try them out and prove me wrong! I like this.

Find them here.