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NAILED IT! New nail colours in time for gifting.

If you know me then you know I change my look. A lot.

My husband likens this to being with a different girl constantly. And he’s right.


Here they are, the lengths and colours over the past four years.

But this isn’t a post about hair. Believe you me, the time will come.

My mum used to do nails. When you come to a foreign country and barely speak the language, nails may be your option. She thought this was her option and she did it. And she did it very well. And I watched.

I used to practice doing my own nails every fucking day when I was in middle school. No joke. I’m OCD when it comes to certain things in life and nails are definitely part of that circle. One tiny chip – redo everything. One busted nail – redo everything. Thus, every-day-nail-practice-time.

After high school I became a fan of acrylic nails. After rockin’ some falsies for a couple of years [with a minor fungal infection along the way] I decided our time together came to an end. And I started doing my own nails once more.

Now I don’t let anyone touch them. Seriously. Every time I’ve gone to a salon for a mani-pedi, I’ve com home to redo everything myself.


Sup. #nailsbybelleface

Obviously in order to have great looking nails one must have an arsenal of nail polish to show off. And, boy, do I have some rad colours for you and your dirty Christmas socks!

Without any further adieu…


One of my new favourite lacquer companions is, surprisingly, Crabree & Evelyn! That’s right. Not only do they create incredibly delectable scents for the home and body, but now you can pamper your nails with these luxurious winter colours. I am absolutely in love with Cardinal and Silver. In love. The other two aren’t half bad either [Cinnamon and Anthurium]. The $6 price point is a cherry on top.

Crabtree Nails

Next on the menu is Mineral Fusion! If you haven’t already seen them at your local Whole Foods, you’ll definitely pay attention next time you go. There are over 60 colours to choose from, but the ones I’m showing are my faves. [Nickel & Dime – currently living on my toes, Sandstone, Glint of Mint and Crimson Clay] As expected, these have zero evil ingredients. Formaldehyde free, bitches! The brush is a perfect thickness and the colours are smooth and fast drying. Normally $7.99 and currently offering a December deal for $5.99 on the website. That means if you buy all four of my fave colours, you’re only spending on three! Go.

OPI_Gwen-Stefani_Display2 copy

Last, but definitely not least is a set from my personal style icon, you guessed it, GWEN FREAKING STEFANI! At last there is an incredible collaboration with colours I can stand behind completely. OPI is genius. Though these are too good to be stocking stuffers, you can gift them to anyone you want starting January 2014. Like me. I don’t celebrate Christmas. I celebrate the new year. New year, new colours. That’s what’s up. Having the good fortune of playing around with this collection, I can tell you right now that I have never been happier. They dry so quickly that I did my nails on Thanksgiving morning and immediately started cooking without a top coat. Hel-lo. Already numbers 3 and 4 and 6 are my absolute faves. 1) In True Stefani Fashion 2) Hey Baby 3) Love. Angel. Music. Baby. 4) 4 In the Morning 5) Push And Shove 6) I Sing In Color


Now show me your pretty fingers!

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Nailed it.

I’m a nail polish addict.

Literally, I have a crate of “nail supplies” hidden somewhere in my kitchen. Once it gets out of hand – I make donations to friends, but this is purely a ploy to hunt and gather more colours.

As some of you know, I don’t condone gel nails. Not only can I not commit to one colour for more than five days, but that shit’s just not good for you! Ok, fine, if you’re going on holiday and don’t want to fuss about with chipped ends I will forgive, but that is it.

The love of my life in the world of polish has been and always will be Dior.


This is still my favourite collection to date. Last year’s Violets Hypnotiques. Today’s fingers and toes. Swearsies. Not only do these bad boys have ultimate staying power, but the richness of the colours never fails. These are simply the best and worth every penny.

Closely followed, if not nearly matched are definitely CND.


These little bottles hold a lot of stay power and their muted colours are out of this world. If you like a little smoke on your fingers – this is the way forward. Their collections and pricing are always on point.

And then there are nail wraps. My favourite so far have been by Jamberry.


I mean who doesn’t want a floral accent nail? These are also fool-proof when it comes to application. If you’re not ambidextrous or coordinated, you still won’t mess these up. All you need is a quick blast of hot air from a blow dryer and these puppies are stuck to your nails. Trim-trim. Enjoy.

And if you’re a leather lover with a heart of gold you can have leathery nails guilt-free by Nails Inc.

nails-inc-leather I. Love. This. Stuff. I love it so much that my husband broke the bottle when I asked for help opening it and still managed to salvage every drop. This fancy brand also dabbles in feathers, holograms and serious bling. Dries very quick on its own. Love that.

Some of the most beautiful colours are by Butter of London.


Nails are chic by association with this label. Creamy. Vibrant. On trend. Always put out. Wait, that sounds way too dirty. I did say I love nail polish a lot. Hard-ons are just a part of the love.

Yves Rocher has become one of my beauty staples.


Nude Rose happens to be my favourite colour in their nail polish department. Imagine rose gold diamonds all over your finger nails. Yeah. I know. You’re in Google mode.

Last, but never least is the classic…OPI.


My two go-tos lately are Eurso Euro [blue] and Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees [grey]. When in doubt I’ll always chose one of these if not both. The price point is right there with LCN and you always get what you buy, as in the colours aren’t diluted or murky. And these lovelies last for ages.

Don’t forget to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have a base coat on so that your nails don’t become yellow and brittle. A little buffing goes a long way. Wear gloves when doing house work to prolong your mani [I learned the hard way]. And keep a travel file with you at all times in case of emergency.

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Purple Dior | Pourpre Dior

Have you heard? My new hair is now…

So, of course I’m partial to this new limited edition collection from Dior called “Les Violets Hypnotiques”. [Yes, like the others – start packing your tents for the summer launch.]

Not only are there three gorgeous shades of nail polish [two of which I’m currently mix-matching on my fingers and toes], but there is also a mascara, eyeshadow and gloss involved. #purpleoverload

The past two and a half weeks have been full of travel/work for me and I hadn’t had time to update my mani-pedi, but these polishes have been hanging on with their dear lives. I’ve never seen anything like it [aside from gels, which I’m not into because they’re bulky and I’m afraid of commitment when it comes to my nails]. With all the work I’ve put my hands through, the chipping is minimal.

As for the mascara – I’m not usually one for anything other than brown or black, but I must say receiving countless compliments on my hazel ojos when mixed with a shade of plum on my lashes did make me think twice. #forthewin

Must I really talk about the quality of the shadows? Didn’t think so.

And the lipgloss, as usual, is gorgeous and smooth. Reapplication is, again, minimal. #bangforyourbuck

So when these babies hit stores you should be ready knowing what to request:

Diorshow Extase Mascara in Plum #871

Dior 3-Couleurs Smokey Eyeshadow in Smoky Violet #961

Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss in Draped Lilac #582

Dior Vernis Shadow #783

Dior Vernis Orchid #981

Dior Vernis Poison #996 [personal favourite]

Hope your sleeping bags are comfy!

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I love Dior | J’adore Dior

You know how you’re either a Chanel girl or a Dior girl? Yeah…DIOR ADDICT RIGHT HERE, BABY!

This July is going to be absolutely magical and here’s why…

The Dior Summer Mix collection has a shade for everyone’s fancy. Personally, my mood is at Happy O’Clock every time I look at my Acapulco [yellow] nails and my Rose Bikini [pink] lips. Seriously.

This assembly of colours is spectacular. The Vernis Nail Gloss coats beautifully with its perfect applicator brush – giving very litte room to mess anything up. And the Addict Ultra-Gloss coats your lips so seamlessly – you’ll want to keep reapplying, luckily you won’t have to; this stuff has amazing staying power.

Nail Shades:

Cosmo #178 – a cheerful watermelon pink
Calypso #158 – a bright candy apple red
Acapulco #118 – a tart lemon yellow
Lagoon #198 – a cool swimming pool blue

Lip Gloss:

Rouge Croisiere #854 – a happy red
Rose Bikini #664 – the perfect pink

I hope to see mile-long lines at your local Dior counters on July the first! Ready…set…DIOR!

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Mixology | Mixologie

How can you go wrong with gray on your nails? Answer: you can’t. No matter what your skin tone is – gray is the way forward. I’m currently building a collection of every ashen colour I could get my piano fingers on.

Currently I’m rocking OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques on my toes…

And OPI’s French Quarter For Your Thoughts on my fingas…

Get some.

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Mix and Match | Mélanger et Assortir

Does anyone do their fingers and toes the same colour anymore?

You do? Oh, you poor dear…

For you, and you alone, I’m going to start a category with the aforementioned title to carry you through these trying times. I’ll show you how to create a harmony between your appendages. I’ll make you smile.

Here we go!

Yesterday, whilst watching Dexter in bed most of the day, I had the sudden urge to repaint and this is what I came up with:

OPI’s BIG APPLE RED for the toesies.

And OPI’s CHOP-STICKING TO MY STORY for the fingies.

Inspiration – fall leaves. We Angelinos also get so see the turning of seasons through colourful leaves. Fall is in full bloom, my pretties!

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Obsessed | Obsédé

Had to document [and share] my complete mental breakdown goo drool upon the discovery of an issue of Exhibition magazine with Magdalena Frackowiak shot by Catherine Servel.

Holy balls hotness! This may be my absolute favourite colour combos yet…behold!:



And to think…I was getting tired of my red hair…