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Wax | Cire

Being from rather large cities my entire life didn’t exactly prepare me for a pilgrimage to the jungle, but I tried to prepare myself as much as a city girl could.

From the previous post you may have been warned of my two-week excursion to the depths of a community set within the dense Amazon jungles of Peru. This means goodbye hot shower. This means good bye thorough washing. This means hello whore bath. This means hello hairy pits and bikini sprouts.

Now, just in case I went scaling a high cliff at the end of the coastal mountain range [true] but got trapped at the top by rainy mudslides and had to tumble down whilst losing my sticky clothing to various rocks and branches [false] and make my way back to the nearest signs of civilization in my knickers – I couldn’t possibly be discovered pullulating shrubbery if I had to protect myself with high kicks and karate chops.

Days prior to my deployment into the wilderness I invested in a gem: honey wax.


GiGi All Purpose Wax

Muslin or Paper Wax Strips

Epilator Sticks (Popsicle Sticks)

  1. You’ll need a dry, clean surface to work with – baby powder the area in need for extra aridity.
  2. You’ll need to warm up the wax – my method is the hot bottom of a standard American coffee maker or a super duper low flame on a stove.
  3. Dip the stick into the wax briefly and make sure all the excess goo is off and it has cooled down – apply in the direction of hair growth.
  4. Immediately apply the piece of muslin/paper atop the wax, also in the same direction.
  5. Pat down the material for about 5-10 seconds, depending on the density of your hair.
  6. Hold the skin at the bottom of the strip nice and taut.
  7. Breathe in…breathe out and…
  8. Quickly pull the muslin against skin growth.
  9. Repeat.
  10. When you are bald and happy – massage oil…any oil all over the area, this will remove any excess wax and calm any inflammation.

The more you wax – the less and thinner hair grows back. I swears. My armpits have now forgotten all about razor burns and ingrown hair. My veejay is also very happy, though maneuvering a full Brazilian on your own is no easy feat. Needless to say, the jungle nor its inhabitants were offended.

Please visit Yantaló and volunteer your time for an excellent cause, now that you know the bare minimums. No pun intended.

Atop of El Morro, Peru. Waxed. Loved. Exhausted. Happy. True story.


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Lashes | Cils

You know that running joke between guys about how girls are all fake…heels make us taller, makeup makes us more attractive, hair colour, push-up bras, etc.? Well, I love it.

Here’s another one to add to their collection: LASHES!

There is an astronomical number of girls who love the way falsies look but don’t have the faintest idea of how to apply them, so they stay far far away from attaining great lengths.

The first step is not to be afraid of poking yourself. If you have tremorous motor skills, begin with practicing sans makeup – otherwise you’ll be crying and reapplying indefinitely.

You will need:

  • Lashes – find ones you like, I recommend starting slow and picking out a length not much longer than your natural.
  • Lash Glue – I prefer anything that is not clear (black is my favourite) as my reaction to it is a brilliant burning sensation.
  • Scissors – to cut the lashes down to the length of your eye.
  • Tweezers – to apply the lashes without smudging glue all over your visors.


  1. Measure the lashes to your eye.
  2. Trim excess.
  3. Apply a drop of glue to the top of your hand.
  4. Slide the base of the lashes across the glue.
  5. Blow on the glue for 15-30 seconds to harden it.
  6. Grab hold of the middle part of the lashes with tweezers and apply to the center of your lash line as close to your lashes as possible.
  7. Grab either corner and repeat last step.
  8. Using the other end of the tweezers move/pat down the lash line to ensure they stick.
  9. Apply mascara to both your natural and false lashes.



  • Use lash tips or individuals and apply them to the outer corners of the eyes.
  • Line your eyes (on top of the falsies) with liquid liner for more drama.
  • This look is lovely when paired with a colourful lip unless your shadow is dark.


Ebay has amazing deals on sets of 10 for under $2!!!

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Eyebrows: Send Help | Les Sourcils: Envoyer de l’aide

When I was about fourteen years young – I adored (and still do) Drew Barrymore. The film Mad Love was in theaters. I may have gone to see it more than a couple of times.

Most of my fellow eight graders didn’t understand why I wore flower printed summer dresses with MIA combat boots. Why I chopped off all my hair and grew it out to a messy bob (infused with 3 family size bottles of Sun-In). Mum was horrified when I walked out of my bedroom, tweezers in hand, sporting stick-straight razor-thin brows.

With my luck they didn’t grow back much and to this day I am forced to fill them in when I put on a full face.

Ladies, eyebrows are important! They are the frame to your windows to the soul. The thinner the brows – the harder you must work on your eye makeup. Full brows will never go out of style.


  • If you are an owner of a non-steady hand, do me and yourself a favour and throw your tweezers out the window.
  • My chocolate sistas: please stop attacking your eye hairs with a razor because, sadly, the ongoing process irritates your gorgeous skin and leaves you looking like you’ve been slapped by an alligator.
  • Get you shiz threaded by talented Indian ladies who don’t live at the mall kiosk.
  • Do not let your favourite barber touch your face.
  • If you get your mug fibers waxed and walk out with second degree burns: a) do not pay     b) don’t come back
  • The wider the space between brows creates an illusion of a wider face…I call this Antz factor.
  • Please don’t shave your eyebrows and draw/tattoo them on. That look is SOO twenty years ago.
  • The only person who should ever be allowed to do Chola makeup is Gloria. ❤


  • Brows should begin above the tear duct and over.
  • Brows should end at about a 45 degree angle from the outer eye corner.
  • The shape of your brow should mirror the top line of your eyeballs. This line should also be fluid, I.e. a full arch rather than square+line. (Don’t judge my white Photoshopped arch.)
  • Most important is to get rid of the dark hair under the brow shape you desire as having a thick, full line above is perfectly normal and natural.


  • If grooming yourself – draw an arch with a white/black pencil and tweeze the hairs underneath the line backing away from the mirror to make sure both sides are the same size and shape.
  • With clear mascara or a clean flat toothbrush, comb your eyebrows upward and cut the strays outside of the line with small curved scissors.
  • When filling in brows stick to an angled brush and a matte eye/brow shadow – this ensures a much more organic look rather than the harsh lines of a pencil. Comb through afterwards to disperse the colour.
  • Hairspray on a clean mascara wand and swiftly comb unruly hairs into place.

Oh yeah, and pray for me to grow my sourcils back some day…I hear slathering on Vaseline before bed is a good idea. Will keep you posted.

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Boy Nails | Garçon Ongles

Thought I’d start the year off with some tips for the boys.

Josh, my boyfriend, hand model and partner in crime has recently returned from a trip to India where he spent ten days documenting a very poor remote village where hygiene is a rarity.

Luckily I sent him off with a toiletries bag with all the essentials…including nail clippers in response to which he muttered, “I’m allowed to do my own nails?” This may seem silly to you, but if you haven’t noticed – I take these things seriously, being his one-stop-shop groomer.

Josh's Nails Before

This sparked an idea I wanted to share with you. If you are of the male persuasion, or if you have a man in your life whose nails remind you of a stray cat, look no further for I will reveal ways in which you can transform talons.

Let’s begin…

  1. I have here a manicure bowl you can find at most beauty stores, but you can also use any tupperware dish or bowl alike. Add a drop of soap and hot water. Immerse fingers for 3-5 minutes. This softens nails and cuticles.
  2. Cuticle pushers. Use the longer end to rub down the nail and into the cuticle then use the shorter end to push the cuticles down further.
  3. Cuticle nippers. There are a couple of versions you can find (in virtually any drug store). The ones shown above and ones that look like a U on a stick. Either way, carefully nip the cuticles and hang nails until no piece is left flapping.
  4. Nail clippers. We all know what these are for.
  5. Emery board or nail file. Carefully use the grittier side to file down the rest of your nails, shaping them into curves or squares. Use the softer side with a downward sweeping motion to dull down the nail edges.
  6. Nail buffer square. Most of these come with instructions, but I’ll reiterate. Start with the harsher face and move your way down to the most gentle, buffing each nail until you see it shine.
  7. Cuticle oil. You can pick these up at beauty stores, or use olive or coconut oil instead – either or can do the trick just as well. Paint over the cuticles and nails, follow by rubbing in the oil and wiping off with a (paper) towel.

Josh's Nails After


Do your nails once a week and remember to push your cuticles back and oil them after the shower for the days in between.

After the first few tries you’ll be a pro and this process will take you minutes to look great for a week or more!