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Haven’t done this for a while – given you my inspirations to look at. Wanna?


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Yesterday I met some pretty amazing people. Women. Women that are amazing. Women that work in the cosmetics industry and are full of love and empathy for the world. Women that are going to be empowering other women through colour.

Milani Cosmetics is donating makeup and nail polish to a small community in the upper Amazon jungles of Peru called Yantaló.

Samantha, Susan, Ericka and I chatted for a hefty chunk of time and I am bubbling with ideas…that I will be keeping under wraps at the moment…but I promise you the outcome will be stellar. Swears.

And so, stay tuned as next week will be dedicated to reviewing new Milani products.

Just so you know, I’ve been a huge fan since they started nearly a decade ago, coinciding with the beginning of my career. Yes, you can find them at your local CVS. Yes, they won’t break your budget. Yes, they are high quality goods with incredibly durable packaging. Yes, they feel like high-end lines. Yes, they apply beautifully. Yes, they’re just all around cool.

See you Monday!

Be a friend of Yantaló!


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As we get to know each other better, I will reveal more and more of my inspirations to you.

Here are a few that make me happy: