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I got Racked.

If you haven’t already been bombarded with this – there is no escape.

Last week I was featured on Racked LA as a “Glam Pro”. This is kind of a big deal and I’d love it if you checked it out. After all – there is no such thing as bad publicity, right?

I’ll make it worth your while with all the product recommends and an exfoliant recipe you can make in your home because you already have the ingredients. Swearsies!

Here’s a little taste…

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 9.08.23 AM

The photographer, Elizabeth Daniels, and I had a little too much fun at Naimie’s that day. Now she’s got a whole new beauty regime and I’m super excited about it.

Special thanks to Natalie de Groot for giving me a shirt from her new line, Nat+J, for the shoot.

And, of course, big love to Kat Odell for whoring me. ♥


Hair to Stay | Cheveux à Rester – Pt. 2

Now that we know how to get wet – let’s talk about being dry but still sexy, of course.

I’ll give you a moment to visualize…

Done? Great. Clean up your panties quickly because we’re moving on.

I’ve got the goods to help you cut blow drying time if you do, or the right stuff to tame your aired-out tresses and whip thems into perfection.

KMS blowdry

This is your new best friend. KMS California is a brand out of Santa Monica that is constantly evolving and coming up with solutions for effortless hair for really real. This Quick Blow Dry formula cuts heat time by about half. I love science! A few mist pumps make your life easier and the product laaaaasts. $12-$18


A new product from PRAVANA that restores, protects and shines up a storm. May be applied to wet or dry hair for ultimate shine. [Side note – no, I’m not partial because of my love for the Amazon.] I can proudly say that my hair and I are addicted and may never be the same. Test it for yourself. I dare you. $21.99

LIONEL Renard copy

This dynamic duo by Lionel Renard will make any hair its bitch! The whole luxurious line is perfection. These two, Thick-It and Relaxing Balm, when squeezed into the shape of a sunny-side-up egg and applied all over damp hair, will thicken AND tame. Win. Win. Win. Win. Win. Ding! $20-22

Smoothing Lusterizer

If enchanted crystals were a real thing this TIGI S factor Smoothing Lusterizer/Defrizzer Serum would be a wizard. Use on wet hair to protect from heat or dry hair to cheat and only show the world how gorgeous your hair can be. The smell is so yummy you’ll want to taste it. $25.50

Leonor Greyl

My friend Cathi had told me about this line some months back and until it showed up on my door…brain did not compute the absolute amazingness that is Leonor Greyl Paris. This Éclat Naturel Styling Cream, though intended for wet or dry hair, I use to recondition my dry, fried ends and give off the illusion of a freshly cut dome. $44

Now you have absolutely no excuse not to have perfect hair.


Good Hair | Bons Cheveux

Yes, another post about hair. Deal with it.

Last month my friend Holly came to town. Holly is an amazing hair stylist from Chicago who had never heard of KMS California brand. I find this out during our lunch in Santa Monica. I proceed to take Holly to the KMS Academy around the corner from the restaurant. There, we meet John Moroney, VP of Education.

John is rad. John is one of the nicest people I’ve met in the hair industry. John gives us products to try. I write about them.

Color Vitality Shampoo – feels extremely gentle and smells like perfection. I noticed my red hair keeps its colour longer (by at least 40%), thus saving me money on upkeep. It promises brightness and delivers more-so than any other colour protecting shampoo I’ve used in the past. Score.

Color Vitality Conditioner – the purple cream (already impressed with the colour and light scent) felt like buttery silk on my hair. Brushing through after the shower was, for once, painless. Double score.

Free Shape Deep Conditioner – I’m pretty sure John gave this to me from looking at my fried ends (thank you, ombré!) and I am overjoyed that he did. After a couple of treatments I noticed how much more manageable and pliable my ends were. They no longer tangled and fell to the floor like needles after brushing and heat application. Thank you, KMS gods.

Overview: I am in love with the new packaging (and the new website). Always been a fan of the brand and probably always will be thanks to the innovations and style, packaging and otherwise. If you ever meet John – give him a big hug.

Not-so-funny story: So, Holly went back to Chicago the day after the products were bestowed onto us…because she only had a carry-on I took it upon myself to send her three bottles. I went to the post office several days later and, without buying insurance on them (who would steal shampoo?), sent off a package in its original plastic bag, wrapped in a bubble wrapped envelope. Two days after that I received a text message from Holly asking if I had only sent her the plastic bag products were in. Apparently some asshole decided to rip open the envelope, take out the pretty bottles and carefully seal it back up with tape. Naturally, I filed a complaint – to no avail. Moral? Use FedEx!

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Dry Shampoo | Shampooing Dec

Oh, the horror of greasy hair!

Didn’t you just wash it yesterday? Didn’t your stylist tell you not to indulge in daily rinses because they will damage your hair? But as much as you want to be good – the oil dripping down the back of your silk blouse is a dead giveaway of your sadness.

I’ve found some pretty wicked products for you that can help cheat your way into shimmery faux-clean follicles.

Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo: this is one of my favourites! At around $7 a pop, you can find them at your nearest Sally’s store. Incredibly easy to manage and leaves very minor residue that washes away with your next shower. I’ve gone for 5 days without washing my hair once thanks to this product.

KMS California Makeover Spray: is pretty frakkin’ awesome. Smells deeeelish. Doesn’t leave residue. Excellent for shoots where I just need a bit of dry texture to add onto the model’s noggen. Ranges from $10 (on Amazon) to $25. Definitely worth it.

TiGi Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo: although a bit pricey at about $22, you can find it at Walgreens! Smells yummy and does its job as promised.

Fekkai ‘Au Naturel’ Dry Shampoo: is very gentle and, c’mon, it’s Fekkai! $23 for salon quality product that has natural ingredients like rice and corn starch as well as cotton fibers. Perfection for a hippy like me. Oh, and you can find it at your nearest Ulta!

TIP: if you’ve run out of the above products, baby powder works just as well. Shake some into your roots, massage with fingertips and brush with bristles. Voila!

Now you have no excuse.

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Phantom Siren | Fantôme Sirène

Last Saturday I was a part of a beautiful editorial shot by Shelli Wright and styled by Courtenay Brandt with April of LA Models as our muse for this eerie story.

Wanted to share a few favourites:

Prior to getting anything done, I painted April’s fingers and toes with a new colour, Desert Suede, by CND (Creative Nail Design) that has been making serial appearances on both New York and London Fashion Week runways last month.

Makeup was muted taupes and roses with a lipstick mixture of two colours by Sysley Phyto-Rouge Hydrating Lipstick in Hazelnut and Baby Doll Rose.

For hair I ran KMS California Style Boost through April’s hair and gave her a blow out, followed by setting hot rollers sprayed with Schwartzkopf Osis Freeze Fix, pulled in the sides with Schwartzkopf Osis Air Pomade Spray Wax, teased the crown and remaining hair and texturized with my favourite Dust It.

Stay tuned for a haunting video of this beautious event…