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That Dior Man Smell | Cette Odeur Homme Dior

The way to describe this scent by my beloved Dior is natural elegance.

This potion was first introduced in 1966 and has since had a bit of an overhaul to keep up with today’s boys. Although I don’t believe there is a boy out there who wouldn’t want to smell as manly as this.

Crisp citrus, amber and Bergamot are some of the tones and, boy, do they leave a mark. One of these days when I’m dressed in a tux – you’ll take a whiff of me in nothing but this deliciousness.

The best part? It’s shaped like a couture flask. I mean, really – how is there anything about this that’s not sexy? Impossible.

Are you man enough?

*Available now!

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Bearded Ones | Barbus

If you haven’t already noticed, this week has been predominantly dedicated to our favourite pretty princesses boys.

Sorry, ladies, here comes another one…

Some time around October of last year the boyfriend started growing a beard. Typically I would probably gag as I prefer skin over hair any day of the week. But in this case I welcomed the lumberjack-chic guise with open arms because I wanted his skin to breathe and because I influenced his minimalist wardrobe (that has been blossoming handsomely) to accept shades outside of black/white/gray/denim to shades of navy and maroon in his button down plaid hoodie. Not to mention his two week trip to the depths of Idaho to shoot wildlife on a hunting range – his vegan ass loved that.

Through this process I discovered that my fuzzy wuzzy was shaving nearly up to his eyeballs! Naturally, his affliction had to end. Naturally I’d be the one to do it…with my cape flailing in the wind.

Now, as part of Josh’s grooming routine (aside from daily face washing and moisturizing, weekly manicures and exfoliants, bi-weekly pedicures and monthly haircuts) we take time out to pluck the strays sprouting around the hairline of his beard and a bit of the area above his brows.

You’ll need tweezers and a mirror!

Now, let’s evaluate:

You can see the stubble monsters peeking through the skin and making his complexion uneven.

Using tweezers, carefully pluck the unwanted strays. Please do not over do it. The goal is to tidy up – not create facial hair art like Kenneth Branagh in Wild Wild West.

The end result should look something like this:

Some redness is expected. Feel free to rub an ice cube over the irritated areas or saline solution/eye drops. After a few weeks of plucking you will notice the hair growing in much more sparse.

Keep your beards trimmed and ruley, ’cause hypertrichosis is only attractive in a side show.

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Man Flesh | Chair de l’homme

Man flesh, not unlike our own, deserves special care. Not to be confused with special needs, in a short bus sort of way.

I mentioned, some entries back, about my loathing for the coined “metrosexual” term. How it scares off most phallus owning bipeds. Because of this horrid name our boyfriends, husbands, dads, brothers, cousins and friends rejected the concept of grooming…in more sense of the word than soap-shaving gel-hairbrush, if that.

At any rate, this memorandum concerns you.

You can find Nivea, L’Oreal, and Every Man Jack at your local drugstore like Walgreens. I’m listing one product from each line to introduce you to the name, it is up to you to shop around and pick and chose what your skin likes best. (Same goes for the rest of the mentioned goodies.)

Please remember, sunblock is your friend. The Marlborough tan and wrinkles are so not in this season.

And if shopping for skin products at a store where ladies buy products they stick up their hoohaas reminds you of your teen years: sweat-soaked brows, shaky hands and gnarly pit stains – online shopping is fast and discreet! Sephora carries a vast selection of starter kits from which you can begin your most excellent journey to the land of skin care connoisseurism!

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No More Hair Loss | Pas de perte de cheveux

Are you a hair club president or client?

Do you find it difficult to keep up with hair products because your dome is slowly being flushed away in the shower?

Is it often that you find yourself performing the shake-fist-at-sky maneuver because you were bestowed with genetics of the balding persuasion.

Diet is important. Folic acid deficiency causes the most damage. Also, just as of yesterday I found out through a case study that hair actually grows back –  but so thin that the human eye cannot see it because the roots become smaller with each shed.

My grandfather, who also happens to be my BFF, has had a shiny crown for as far back as I could remember. A couple of years ago he developed a gorgeous crater, in place of a bindi, filled with a pesky blackhead. Denying my mother the right to squeeze, he asked me for an easy remedy to remove the bugger. My advice was to rub Apple Cider Vinegar until there was nothing left. And he did.

Months went by and G-unit’s crater seemed more and more empty, but his smiles became wider and I just couldn’t put my finger on it. So, I decided to confront. To my surprise the side effects were hair growth! Grandpa said he started from his forehead and went all around the top of his head [just in case] and hair started magically appearing! Now, after decades of barrenness – his noodle garden is flourishing!

Other friends:

  • daily dose of lettuce+spinach juice, 8oz.
  • coconut milk all over the scalp
  • castor oil application
  • paste of lemon and black pepper
  • almond oil compress 2-3 times daily
  • pure aloe vera gel instead of conditioner


  • dry scalp
  • hats
  • hairspray/mousse/gel – alcohol dries scalp
  • too much hair brushing
  • shampooing hair more than 3 times a week


  • shorter hair hides the issue better
  • lighter coloured hair creates an illusion of thickness
  • hair products can enhance your problem

Lastly, do not be afraid of the razor – I met Billy Zane a few weeks back and he was rockin’ that ‘do!

And there you have it, my minimal thread count lovelies. Happy farming!

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Boy Nails | Garçon Ongles

Thought I’d start the year off with some tips for the boys.

Josh, my boyfriend, hand model and partner in crime has recently returned from a trip to India where he spent ten days documenting a very poor remote village where hygiene is a rarity.

Luckily I sent him off with a toiletries bag with all the essentials…including nail clippers in response to which he muttered, “I’m allowed to do my own nails?” This may seem silly to you, but if you haven’t noticed – I take these things seriously, being his one-stop-shop groomer.

Josh's Nails Before

This sparked an idea I wanted to share with you. If you are of the male persuasion, or if you have a man in your life whose nails remind you of a stray cat, look no further for I will reveal ways in which you can transform talons.

Let’s begin…

  1. I have here a manicure bowl you can find at most beauty stores, but you can also use any tupperware dish or bowl alike. Add a drop of soap and hot water. Immerse fingers for 3-5 minutes. This softens nails and cuticles.
  2. Cuticle pushers. Use the longer end to rub down the nail and into the cuticle then use the shorter end to push the cuticles down further.
  3. Cuticle nippers. There are a couple of versions you can find (in virtually any drug store). The ones shown above and ones that look like a U on a stick. Either way, carefully nip the cuticles and hang nails until no piece is left flapping.
  4. Nail clippers. We all know what these are for.
  5. Emery board or nail file. Carefully use the grittier side to file down the rest of your nails, shaping them into curves or squares. Use the softer side with a downward sweeping motion to dull down the nail edges.
  6. Nail buffer square. Most of these come with instructions, but I’ll reiterate. Start with the harsher face and move your way down to the most gentle, buffing each nail until you see it shine.
  7. Cuticle oil. You can pick these up at beauty stores, or use olive or coconut oil instead – either or can do the trick just as well. Paint over the cuticles and nails, follow by rubbing in the oil and wiping off with a (paper) towel.

Josh's Nails After


Do your nails once a week and remember to push your cuticles back and oil them after the shower for the days in between.

After the first few tries you’ll be a pro and this process will take you minutes to look great for a week or more!

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Lips | Lèvres

Pucker up, buttercups, we’re going on a ride!

Lips are très important as they are a communication module for most of us. Whether we speak by words or by kissing, this pair of skin flaps need to be taken care of with pride and devotion.

In rough winter weather chapping is quite normal and can easily be reversed, unless you take joy in the burning sensation of your flaky, bloody dermis. Yeeeouch.

To avoid further monstrosities:

  1. apply Vaseline generously all over your lips
  2. take a hot shower
  3. gently brush lips with a tooth brush
  4. apply balm on lips

Cold sores are another bother and can be a reoccurring nightmare for a lucky select few. Herein I have compiled a list of remedies for this mutant:

  • ice
  • cold milk (apply with cotton ball)
  • Witch Hazel
  • licorice (chew or apply powder form)
  • warm tea bag (apply directly)
  • zinc and water mixture
  • vinegar
  • garlic (rub half of a clove directly on sore)

Though there are lovely anti-chap products out there, my be-all-end-all is Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream…I wish it came with a halo around it because it’s definitely a saviour. Aaaaand, not only does it heal lips, but elbows, heels, and any other moisture deprived part of the body.

Now kiss those flakes good bye and sail into the new year with smooth smackers that anyone would enjoy as the clock strikes midnight! xo