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Phantom Siren | Fantôme Sirène

Last Saturday I was a part of a beautiful editorial shot by Shelli Wright and styled by Courtenay Brandt with April of LA Models as our muse for this eerie story.

Wanted to share a few favourites:

Prior to getting anything done, I painted April’s fingers and toes with a new colour, Desert Suede, by CND (Creative Nail Design) that has been making serial appearances on both New York and London Fashion Week runways last month.

Makeup was muted taupes and roses with a lipstick mixture of two colours by Sysley Phyto-Rouge Hydrating Lipstick in Hazelnut and Baby Doll Rose.

For hair I ran KMS California Style Boost through April’s hair and gave her a blow out, followed by setting hot rollers sprayed with Schwartzkopf Osis Freeze Fix, pulled in the sides with Schwartzkopf Osis Air Pomade Spray Wax, teased the crown and remaining hair and texturized with my favourite Dust It.

Stay tuned for a haunting video of this beautious event…

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Red Away | Rouge Loin

This is an ode to any of you who are perpetual blushers. To you, my belles, who have battled rosacea. To you, kitties, that want to cover up your pink spots of horror after months of winter diet.

Mr. Joe Blasco has your answer:

This waterproof concealer is excellent for any and all corrections of red/pink discoloration. It’s smooth and creamy and blends immaculately onto any texture – unless you’re a picker. STOP PICKING! It will not cover up oozing holes.

Just sayin’…

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BeautyBlender | MélangeurBeauté

This is a personal message to anyone who wants to make their life easier.

If ever you have had moments of fist-to-sky pumping due to foundation skid marks. If you’ve burned images of yourself looking like an inverted raccoon. If your spot treatments have ever shown up resembling chalk scribbles…this is your new BFF.

For years I didn’t want to believe the hype until this sponge seraph arrived on my doorstep early last week. It is really, truly, worth every penny. (Ranging from $10-26.) So much so, I ran to Naimie’s to buy more!

Now, for personal use you only need one because they are reusable! When properly cared for they last about six months and you can purchase a set of sponge + cleanser (that smells super fresh and calming – lavenderish).

How easy, you ask? Check it out…all you do is wet the sponge, then bounce/stipple it to blend your foundation/concealer/powder using the pointy end of it for hard to reach places like around the eyes and nose. Wash. Easy!

The end result is absolutely flawless and outlasts what ever you’ve been used to until the moment you met BB.

Try it – you’ll never go back to your old ways.

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Blush, for Jenny | Rouge, par Jenny…

Being a fan of blush, I nearly never step foot outside of my house without the look of pinched cheeks. Even if you’re not a fan of makeup, a little rouge can do wonders on a dreary day.

With so many beautiful shades, blush – like red lipstick, can become a tedious journey to find. But, you guessed it, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I am willing to share with the class.

First off, 99% of you can pull of a peachy/coral colour. I swears.

Smashbox Blush in Proof Sheet

If you are fair skinned with light eyes and hair – you are probably already devotee of pink and should therefore keep up the good work. But promise me that you will only play with light shades and will keep your bubblegum Juicy track suits back where they belong…in back of the closet.

Cargo BluRay Blush Highlighter in Pink

For my ethnic sisters whose skin I love to work with most – I recommend richer, jewel tone colours. If you are on the warmer end of the palette, cool colours are a superb balance and vice versa. Be careful not to use too much shimmer as you may tend to look oily.

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks

Fiery redheads, oh how I envy your freckles, can get away with almost any shade of peachy-pink. Cream blush is your friend, this way you can still show off those sun speckles without looking like you’re wearing anything at all!

NARS Blush in Sex Appeal

My brunettes-have-more-fun lovelies, you deserve roses…a whole spectrum of them. Deeper shades for the olive skinned beauties will pump up your mystery.

Christian Dior Blush in English Rose

Something to keep in mind: if your skin needs some work, as in the texture isn’t smooth, stay away from anything with sparkles for it will focus the eye precisely where it doesn’t belong. Also, in moist weather like snow or rain or even when at the beach – try using cream blush or cheek stain because most of them are water resistant and will not move throughout the day.

Tarte Natural Cheek Stain

Lastly, I have gotten a few of you questioning me where to put the blush once you buy the perfect shade. Answer: when it doubt – sweet the tops of your cheek bones…the closer you get to your eyeballs, the younger and fresher you will look. This is also great for faces with prominent cheek bones and hollows. Rounder faces can benefit from applying the blush under and on the apples, thus creating a slimming effect. As we age our face skins lose their elasticity and the plumpness we once had tends to disappear. Because of this, again, throughout the years your blush should be creeping up higher on your cheeks and closer to the eyes.

Ok, one more thing.

Don’t be afraid to blush up a bit on the temples and into the hairline as it creates a wonderful brightening effect especially if you are taking pictures!