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Makeup Remover | Démaquillant

I am so sick and tired of cleaning up your mess!

Astronomical numbers are logged in for the amount of times I’ve had to clean makeup residue gunk off of lids in order to start fresh.

Ya’ll are not looking in the mirror close enough or not interested in trying or just plain sadistic…either way it doesn’t ease the pain you put me through each and every time.

Perhaps your culprits are waterproof mascaras and pencils. Perhaps you don’t allow your face to touch anything else but agua. Perhaps you find that heroin-chic-grunge-look appealing. Perhaps you haven’t found a proper way to efface last night’s party off your visage.

Just so we’re clear – I’m not angry, just disappointed.

Here are my favourites:




If you need a makeup remover for dummies try:

Johnson's Baby Oil

And always use something gentle like cotton balls/pads:

  • Refrain from using anything waterproof unless you’re headed for the beach/pool or if you are en route to performing a dramatic scene in your acting class.
  • Do not use force when cleansing any part of your face – utilize your ring finger as much as possible around the eyes as it is the least pressured of your digits.
  • Make sure to bring me a bottle of red wine or anything from American Apparel if you know you’re set for the dog house. 😛