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Man Flesh | Chair de l’homme

Man flesh, not unlike our own, deserves special care. Not to be confused with special needs, in a short bus sort of way.

I mentioned, some entries back, about my loathing for the coined “metrosexual” term. How it scares off most phallus owning bipeds. Because of this horrid name our boyfriends, husbands, dads, brothers, cousins and friends rejected the concept of grooming…in more sense of the word than soap-shaving gel-hairbrush, if that.

At any rate, this memorandum concerns you.

You can find Nivea, L’Oreal, and Every Man Jack at your local drugstore like Walgreens. I’m listing one product from each line to introduce you to the name, it is up to you to shop around and pick and chose what your skin likes best. (Same goes for the rest of the mentioned goodies.)

Please remember, sunblock is your friend. The Marlborough tan and wrinkles are so not in this season.

And if shopping for skin products at a store where ladies buy products they stick up their hoohaas reminds you of your teen years: sweat-soaked brows, shaky hands and gnarly pit stains – online shopping is fast and discreet! Sephora carries a vast selection of starter kits from which you can begin your most excellent journey to the land of skin care connoisseurism!