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Guess who got a pimple?

I drink water. I have a strict skin regimen. I don’t eat much sugar or any junk food. Lean protein and lots of fresh fruit and veggies. And…and…

Thank you, lady in red.

I KNOW! I know it’s difficult not to reach up with both of your index fingers erect and ready to squeeze. It sucks knowing that if you do – all that bacteria hiding underneath your fingernails is dying to make its way into a freshly opened wound. To terrorize and multiply into a posse of soiled pores that turn into your favourite shade of pink dots for the world to see. Comment très jolie!

Sound the horns, here is our new slogan: “Don’t pick it – slick it!”

Let us formulate a support group that slicks those pesky buggers away for good. And here is how:

  • toothpaste (regular peppermint or spearmint will do – no cinnamon)
  • honey
  • raw papaya juice
  • raw potato
  • tomato pulp
  • zinc (pill form)
  • lemon juice
  • raw garlic
  • cucumber

All of these ingredients have been proven to work and are natural…most you can eat and so they will work externally.

And please remember to wash your bedding and towels often. Keep your hands out of your face. Try not to use too much hair product and if you do – minimize hair to face contact as much as possible. Don’t slather on makeup to cover up your blemish as that can make it worse and spread bacteria.

Be gone, you evil nodule!